Chapter 1 - Unnie?

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Ha Eun's POV
It's been a month. A month since Ha Jin Unnie disappeared, a month since her asshole of an ex boyfriend cheated on her and stole everything. I hated him, and his stupid crocodile tears when he came over to visit our family. Unnie didn't deserve this treatment, she didn't deserve to go.

Ha Jin Unnie has always been my pillar of support, and someone that I can always relay my problems to. After her disappearance, all I did was cause trouble, did things I didn't intend to do, and all I was? I was a burden, and the source of all problems.

"WHY? WHY DIDN'T GOD MAKE YOU DISAPPEAR INSTEAD? WHY MUST IT BE OUR HA JIN?" I was an adopted child, but I guess, I should be the one that disappeared. I left the house at 10PM that night, and made my way towards the lake where she was last seen at.

"Unnie, why did you go..? I- I miss you...Maybe, I'll join you, maybe I won't be a burden then." I said to the dark night sky. I jumped into the cold, dark water beneath my feet, and I felt myself sink to the bottom of the lake. Before I knew it, I fell into a dark abyss. I guess, this is death.

However, before I knew it, I felt the oxygen rushing back in to my lungs and I bolted upright. Water? I stood up and noticed that I was in a Hanbok, and...A pool in the middle of houses? Someone bumped into my leg and I turned, before seeing a male. He yelled "WHO ARE YOU!" He went to look for his brothers while I looked for a way to escape. I saw a girl, and she was ushering over to me while calling "Miss!"

I went towards her and managed to escape safely. She said "Miss, Miss Hae Soo is looking for you! How did you enter the Princes' bathing place?" I said "Wait. I'm not Hae In, I'm Go Ha Eun!" She said "Oh god, why are you speaking like Miss Hae Soo? She said that she was...Was...Go Ha Jin!" Unnie? We went back to the place that this 'Hae In' girl was supposedly staying and I was dried and changed into a new, crisp dry, Hanbok.

"Hae In ah!" I turned to the door and saw this girl, whom I supposed was Hae Soo? She came over and held my hand before saying "Hae In, it's me, your sister!" I said "Ha Jin...Unnie?" Her eyes widened as wide as saucers and she said "Chae Ryung ah, leave us for a moment." The door shut and she said "Ha Eun, is it really you?" I nodded and she said "Oh god..."

I hugged her tightly and said "Unnie, I missed you...I missed you so badly..." Suddenly, "Ha Eun, does that mean you..." I nodded and said "I couldn't take it...Omma, she blamed me for your disappearance, she said that I was the one who was supposed to disappear...I granted their wish...I jumped into the lake that you disappeared at." She said "I'm sorry, Ha Eun ah..." I shook my head and said "I'm finally together with you..."

She said "Ha Eun ah, you've taken the body of Hae In, the younger sister of Hae Soo, which is me. We are the younger cousins of Lady Hae, the wife of Wang Wook, the 8th Prince. You'll get to meet the other Princes too, and they're just like you." I nodded and said "So I've to address you as Soo Unnie, right?" She smiled and said "You're fast."

I said "Wait. Unnie, who's the King now?" She said "King Taejo." I said "We're in Goryeo...?" She nodded and said "I hope you paid attention when the school taught Hanja." I nodded and she said "Goryeo is a very nice place." I nodded and she said "Let's go take a walk." We went outside and were walking along around the garden when I heard "SOO!" I turned and saw a very young man.

He was running towards us and stopped when he saw me. His eyes widened like saucers and said "Soo, is this your sister?" She nodded and said "Prince Eun, She's Hae In!" I bowed and said "Nice to meet you, Prince Eun." He nodded and said "You're really pretty!" I blushed and said "Thank you." He said "Soo, can we go play?"

She looked over at me and turned back apologetically, before saying "Sorry Prince, Hae In just woke up after hitting her head, I'm really worried that she might not be able to remember things so I'm bringing her around to refresh her memory." He pouted and nodded before leaving.

I said "Unnie, he's the which prince?" She smiled and said "10th Prince. There are 2 other Princes behind him but they're all more mature than him." I nodded and she said "Want me to tell you about the Princes?"

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