Chapter 11 - I'm Yours.

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Wang So's POV
"We are going to the city, to meet the citizens." The King announced during dinner time, with the Princes, Queens and Yeon Hwa. I saw my mother smirk while looking in my direction and immediately looked away. She knew that I couldn't leave the palace to meet the citizens, because people hate those like me. People like me with scars, who cover up our faces with a mask.

"Hae In is good at making others look pretty!" I recall Soo saying on the day she introduced Hae In to us. Maybe Hae In can work her magic on me. The King said "We'll be going tomorrow. To introduce the royal family to the citizens, and also introduce the Princes who may take the throne after me." All of us replied "Yes, King." He smiled and said "Good. We'll be leaving tomorrow noon."

I left with Baek Ah and Wook and we overhead Mother speaking to Yo. "Hmph. That child will definitely not turn up to go with us. With that face of his, he thinks he has a chance at inheriting the throne? Dream on. The citizens will definitely stone him." Wook said "Brother, let's go back." I nodded and we went back to Wook's house. As I laid in bed, I made up my mind. I will turn up for the visit tomorrow, with the help of Hae In.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
I was alone in the garden, walking around after breakfast. Soo Unnie was busy with Lady Hae, helping her with her make up as the Princes, their wives, the Queens and the King are going out to meet the citizens. I was wandering around when I felt arms wrapping around my waist from the back.

I leaned into the back hug, and said "Prince So." He said "Hae In, I need your help." I turned around in his arms and said "What is it?" He said "Can you do the make something for me?" I said "Make something?" He said "The one where you make people look pretty. I saw the one you did for Hae Soo and Lady Hae. You're good." It hit me. "Oh, make up! Of course, Prince So, I'll help you!"

I pulled him to my room and sat him down onto the chair before going to grab the make up products. I hope I got used to these already or else covering up Prince So's scars will definitely a challenge. I returned and saw Prince So still sitting in the same place I left him. He said "You're back." I nodded and placed everything onto the table and arranging them properly.

I took off his mask without hesitation and smiled when I saw his face. He smiled back and I sat down in front of him. He suddenly leaned in and pressed a kiss onto my lips. He said "I promise I won't do this again." I said "What?" He smiled before saying "Kissing you without permission." I blushed and immediately went to covering up his scar.

Halfway through, he suddenly said "I'm yours. I'm your man." I said "Hm?" He repeated "I'm your man." I nodded before saying "Yes, Prince So." I dabbed the powder onto his face and continued to work my make up magic. I succeeded in concealing his scar and smiled victoriously. I said "Prince So, it's done." Before setting the things down. I passed him a mirror and when he looked into it, he said nothing.

Wang So's POV
As I looked into the mirror, I noticed that Hae In had completely covered up the ugly scar. I- I looked perfect, and I didn't look like a monster anymore. I placed the mirror down stood up before turning to Hae In. I smiled and said "Thank you. You- You made me look normal again." She wrapped her arms around me and said "You always looked normal." I smiled and pressed a light peck onto her lips before saying "I guess I lied."

She suddenly grabbed my face and pressed her lips onto mine gently. I immediately melted, holding her close to me. I said "Daring." She smiled and said "Prince So, go show everyone your amazing face." I nodded and said "I'll come see you again tonight." She nodded and said "Quick, it's almost noon." I nodded and pressed a kiss onto her forehead before leaving. My confidence level definitely went up now.

As I went to the palace, I saw everyone gathered there. "Prince So won't be coming, so why not we move on first?" I heard my mother say. I said "I'm here. Sorry I'm late, King." Everyone turned to look at me and I saw the shocked faces. Baek Ah smiled at me while my mother gave an annoyed look. We set off for the city.

Hae In's POV
I hope Prince So will do alright...

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