WangFei, you're so sly!!! by DraganaJovanovic1
WangFei, you're so sly!!!by DraGi
THIS IS A ORIGINAL STORY OF MINE! 25.7.2018. ➯ This is the story of the male who had never developed the feelings for anyone. That's why he went ahead and 'loved' all wo...
  • secondchance
  • mercenary
  • love
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The Millionaire's Bride by _underscore22
The Millionaire's Brideby xLizx
He turned around to my father, and said "Mr steel I have a proposition for you, as you may know in order to acquire the company my father insists I be married and I...
  • vera
  • ceo
  • love
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•Stripper• a markson story by sunshinejaee
•Stripper• a markson storyby Soft Aghase💗✨
Mark tuan was a poor stripper to everyone except for Jackson. Jackson thought he was beautiful...the most gorgeous boy he has ever seen, moving with grace as he danced...
  • yugbam
  • love
  • jjp
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My Hot And Roommate-Yoongi FF {{COMPLETED}} by Jimin_HasJams1
My Hot And Roommate-Yoongi FF {{ Jimin_HasJams1
''Did we just have do sex?'' I asked Yoongi while taking deep breathes. ''Uh-huh I guess so'' He admitted. He turned to face me and he had a smirk on his face that sent...
  • jennie
  • yoongi
  • min
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Lovers or Rivals? ♥ || • Markson • by anilover179
Lovers or Rivals? ♥ || • Markson •by anilover179
Mark's childhood left him with horrible scars... Even so, will the smart, popular, and handsome Jackson Wang be able to change Mark's life? Or will Jackson be Mark's ult...
  • markbum
  • jark
  • markjin
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Vapor || Markson by wasabimark
Vapor || Marksonby Kimbers
"I want to breathe you in like you're vapor, I want to be the one you remember." Mark Tuan was a music major in college. He had decent grades, always turne...
  • jackson
  • markson
  • got7
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Jackson Wang The One by InnocentWinWin
Jackson Wang The Oneby InnocentWinWin
"I want you back" Jimin "Sorry she's with me" jackson hey guys I hope you enjoy my first fanfics?its about a girl who got cheated on but found anothe...
  • kpopfanfic
  • drama
  • got7
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You're Just Right [Got7/Jackson Ambw] by bjoiner123
You're Just Right [Got7/Jackson Bre
Bethany gets the most unexpected event to happen to her Bethany is just like any girl who has huge insecurities with her skin color to her weight from having to wear gla...
  • romance
  • fly
  • love
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j a c k o s n ; r e a c c i o n e s by YoongisMyWeakness
j a c k o s n ; r e a c c i o n e sby .
❝ Wang reacciona a distintas situaciones. ❞
  • got7
  • wang
  • jackson
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Cock  Blocker [Markson] ✔️ by Nchacon321
Cock Blocker [Markson] ✔️by 無名のゴースト
Mark had a crush on Jackson since they became friends, unfortunately for him Jackson was straight. He moved on and he finally feels ready to explore new things. Though h...
  • marktuan
  • jacksonwang
  • got7
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Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 1] by Kim_Hae
Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: 김민해
//This is a fanfic on Scarlet Heart, it may or may not be following the plot// Everyone knows Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin), the best friend of almost all the Princes, and the yo...
  • hong
  • exo
  • baekhyun
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Take It by K_ZQueen
Take Itby K_Z~Qu33n
🚫🚫 Warning SMUT !!!! GOT 7 JACKSON FF or not but 21+ 🍆+🍑=💦
  • ff
  • kink
  • igot7
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The Fanboys • Markson [COMPLETED] by hufflepuffyoungjae
The Fanboys • Markson [COMPLETED]by megan lily
tuna.junior >> awe bless my future husband parkjrsass >> EXCUSE ME parkjrsass >> Jin Youngie and I have been married 4 years In which two fanboys meet...
  • jackson
  • mark
  • tuan
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All for you by pumpkinwrites
All for youby pumpkinwrites
Third (and last) book of the you series. Check out: It's you and Because of you. The stories are linked :)
  • wanggaeparkgae
  • 2jae
  • wang
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fall | idol producer | zhu zhengting  by LovelyYixing
fall | idol producer | zhu 1-800-ZHENGTING
"Please catch me when I fall." "But what if I fall with you?" In which Zhengting falls in love with a ballerina. [#2 in jungjung 8/1/18] [#2 in huan...
  • ziyi
  • xiaogui
  • cpop
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#NoHomo | +w.js| by butterflycaterpillar
#NoHomo | +w.js|by sarai
"Yo, you're like the cutest guy ever." "Thanks, dude. You're fucking hot." "No homo though." "#NoHomo" ~in which two guys are obv...
  • mark
  • nohomo
  • dm
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15:18 || w.j.k  x  c.t.y by xxiaomeiiiii
15:18 || w.j.k x c.t.yby mei huan
"just wanted to say you're really cute. so how are you? ;)" seen 15:18 ||wang junkai x chou tzuyu -broken ship bcoz why not? ouo
  • tzuyu
  • fanfic
  • kpop
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Nameless | Jackson Wang X Reader   by AleksB6
Nameless | Jackson Wang X Reader by Semi-Hiatus
Mental? Nameless? Perfect... Year of writing: 2017 (April-July)
  • got7
  • kpop
  • wattys2017
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Angel | Jackson Wang X Reader (sequel) by AleksB6
Angel | Jackson Wang X Reader ( Semi-Hiatus
Sequel to nameless...!!!!! Read "nameless" first before this! "She is an angel... She is my angel. I don't care what you all say. But even her room say...
  • got7
  • jackson
  • kpop
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obsession  / markson ff by JAYDETUAN
obsession / markson ffby 爱
❝they are not worthy of you❞ [killing, stalking au] mark falls in love with charming, stunning jackson wang. although not knowing of the mans sadistic, and psychopathic...
  • killingstalking
  • jark
  • psychopath
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