fall | idol producer | zhu zhengting  by LovelyYixing
fall | idol producer | zhu 1-800-ZHENGTING
"Please catch me when I fall." "But what if I fall with you?" In which Zhengting falls in love with a ballerina.
  • zhu
  • china
  • idolproducer
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The Millionaire's Bride by _underscore22
The Millionaire's Brideby xLizx
He turned around to my father, and said "Mr steel I have a proposition for you, as you may know in order to acquire the company my father insists I be married and I...
  • marriage
  • bestfriends
  • arranged
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texting jackson // got7 by worldofabby
texting jackson // got7by abby
Who doesn't love a good text message from the one and only Jackson Wang? {completed}
  • korean
  • jackson
  • text
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Bullet ~ Cai Xukun  by xxExpensiveGurlxx
Bullet ~ Cai Xukun by Hajimaaaa
Psychopathic tendencies mixed with romance? Not really. - "I don't actually hate you, but if I had one bullet and asked to shoot the person I despise the most, it'...
  • yixing
  • wang
  • cài
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Jackson Wang The One by Sugababies93
Jackson Wang The Oneby Sugababies93
"I want you back" Jimin "Sorry she's with me" jackson hey guys I hope you enjoy my first fanfics?its about a girl who got cheated on but found anothe...
  • jackson
  • got7
  • drama
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Unprecious » 2jae by arsbottoms
Unprecious » 2jaeby -beom
-In which Youngjae decided to take Jaebum back.
  • kink
  • kpop
  • jaebum
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❧ Jackson Reacciones by -YugyeomBiased-
❧ Jackson Reaccionesby —✧JAEBUM✧—
❝ Wang reacciona a distintas situaciones. ❞
  • wang
  • jacksonwang
  • puppywang
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Hey Bro • Got7 by hufflepuffyoungjae
Hey Bro • Got7by megan lily
If Got7 Were Your Big Brothers Highest Ranking #194 In Fanfiction
  • choi
  • tuan
  • park
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•Stripper• a markson story by sunshinejaee
•Stripper• a markson storyby Soft Aghase💗✨
Mark tuan was a poor stripper to everyone except for Jackson. Jackson thought he was beautiful...the most gorgeous boy he has ever seen, moving with grace as he danced...
  • love
  • stripper
  • tuan
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Because of you by pumpkinwrites
Because of youby pumpkinwrites
Sequel to it's you. Check it out if you haven't read it yet. The stories are linked.
  • smutwarning
  • jackjin
  • bambam
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Cock  Blocker [Markson]  by Nchacon321
Cock Blocker [Markson] by 無名のゴースト
Mark had a crush on Jackson since they became friends, unfortunately for him Jackson was straight. He moved on and he finally feels ready to explore new things. Though h...
  • kpop
  • jark
  • jackson
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Stay, markson AU (complete) by kanggsoeun
Stay, markson AU (complete)by aroha
"I want you to stay~" Started: 29/11/16 Finished: 25/03/17 WARNING ⚠️ MAY CONTAIN ISSUES SUCH AS SELF HARM, SUICIDE, etc copyright © yoohoodawon 2017
  • bambam
  • 2jae
  • yugbam
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Sentimientos en juego II (Jackson Wang y tú) by Tsuyu-Chan96
Sentimientos en juego II (
Cuando todo esta bien, tranquilo, cuando crees que tu circulo familiar no se destruirá en manos de nadie, tienes a tu lado a la persona que amas, que deseas proteger por...
  • kpop
  • problemas
  • wang
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Imperfections// 4th Prince // Wang So // scarlet heart x reader ON HOLD by aestheticblossom
Imperfections// 4th Prince // - ̗̀ 𝖑𝖊𝖎 ̖́-
(Y/n) Hae Ra lived a normal life. Being a doctor and learning new things. But when her whole world collapses and she finds her self back in the Goryeo era. She becomes a...
  • số
  • kdrama
  • ryeo
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Why Me? (Mark Tuan FanFic) by SeokMyWoozi
Why Me? (Mark Tuan FanFic)by Jaeminie
Mark Tuan was your enemy at school and you hated every bit of him. One day you both get invited to a party and Mark gets dared to kiss you. Somehow the kiss changed you...
  • tuan
  • yugyeom
  • kpop
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Solo mía ✦ j a e b u m by crazyforgot7
Solo mía ✦ j a e b u mby b e l l e 💫
¿Qué pasa cuando creías que el amor era todo color de rosa? ¿Qué pasa cuando el chico al que amas está obsesionado contigo? ¿Qué pasa cuando toda su apariencia de...
  • jackson
  • kpop
  • wang
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Moon Lovers:  Scarlet Heart Ryeo One-Shots by worldofabby
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo abby
{completed} But I don't know, when did you start living in my heart? I don't know the reason my heart flutters when I see you . . . you can pass me by because you forgo...
  • haesoo
  • park
  • jung
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| My Lover in America | by elegantsunflower
| My Lover in America |by ♡
Markson Fanfic -- Jackson Wang has a month to live. He isn't going to stay in his mother's house for the rest of his life. He wants to live, even if it's just for a mon...
  • marktuan
  • markson
  • hope
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Marrying Jackson Wang (Markson) by HunterBane_writer
Marrying Jackson Wang (Markson)by HunterBane_writer
"What?" He sighed and grabbed my suitcase, unzipping it. He didn't bother to answer me as he moved around the room. I frowned stepping in front of him. "W...
  • jinyoung
  • mark
  • bambam
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