Chapter 19 - Brink of Death.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
Prince So told me that he wouldn't be meeting me today as he had a meeting with the King, the other Princes as well as the Queens. I was brought to the palace with Lady Hae and Hae Soo. As I was walking around, I suddenly heard someone falling behind me.

Wang So's POV
The Damiwon ladies brought out us our tea and I realized that Mother was constantly staring at Crown Prince Moo's cup of tea. Something had to be wrong. Just before he could touch it, I said "Prince Moo, why not we exchange tea?" He looked at me with a shocked and confused look and I just nodded.

He said "Alright, Prince So." Before passing me his cup. I could see Mother's shocked look and I immediately realized what tea it was. It was the Prince's favourite tea, but there was a secret ingredient in it. Poison. I stood up and said "King, this cup is for you." As I downed the tea.

Mother was shocked beyond words as all the other Princes looked on. I smiled and said "I'll take my leave, King." Before walking confidently out of the pavilion, away from everyone's line of sight. I saw a very familiar back view. Hae In. I began to stumble, as the poison began to take effect and I weakly reached out to her.

Hae In...Hae In...But I never got to her. The next moment, I spat out blood and collapsed onto the ground. My eyelids were feeling heavy and I couldn't breathe. "PRINCE SO!" I heard running footsteps and someone lifting me in their arms. Hae In's face came into sight and I shakily brought my hand up to her face.

I smiled and said "If I don't survive...I- I- I just want you to know...That I'm very happy- With you..." I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks as she began yelling "ANYONE? SOMEONE, HELP!" I said "Shh...Hae In, you can't be here, hurry and go..." She shook her head and said "Aniya...Don't sleep...So, stay with me..."

I fell into a dark abyss.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
"PRINCE SO! NO! SOMEONE, ANYONE!" I saw Prince Baek Ah running towards us and I said "Prince! Please help Prince So!" He ran over and said "Help me!" We hoisted him up and supported him while trying to move as fast as we can to his room. He said "Stay with Brother So, I'll get the palace doctor!"

I held his hand tightly, crying my eyes out. "You can't leave me...You can't..." The palace doctor ran in and so did the other Princes. Prince Jung pulled me away as I cried badly into his shoulder. He hugged me tightly and said "Brother So will be fine...He's a strong man." I said "I can't lose him...I- I don't want to lose him..."

The palace doctor prescribed him medical herbs and I listened to his instructions. I went out to town with Prince Baek Ah and bought all the herbs. I stayed by Prince So's side day and night, waiting, praying, crying for him to wake up. I had fallen sick, as I hadn't eaten in the 2 days that I stayed by his side. The Princes would visit often, especially Prince Baek Ah, and tried to convince me to leave Prince So's side for a bite of food.

I was sleeping with my head on his bed, when I felt someone stroking my hair. I woke up and saw Prince So, looking at me with his beautiful eyes that I came to miss. I cupped his face and said "So?" He nodded and said "Hae In." I began to cry and I hugged him tightly. "I thought I lost you...I thought you left me..." He said "I told you that I was your man. I wouldn't leave you. I would never leave you..."

I said "I'll go prepare your medicine." Before leaving the room. I set up the charcoal burner by myself and I followed the instructions and brewed his medicine. I returned, and carefully sat him up, leaning his head against my shoulder. When it was cool, I fed it to him.

The next few days were completely dedicated to taking care of Prince So and I totally forgot about my own wellbeing.

Wang So's POV
I saw Baek Ah enter my room and he said "Brother So, are you feeling better?" I nodded and said "Yes, thank you. Have you found the culprit?" He gave me a look of worry and said "About that..." I said "Yes?" He said "It was one of the Damiwon ladies. She will be executed." I nodded and said "Yes, thank you for informing me."

Baek Ah suddenly asked "Where's Hae In? She would always be here at this time of the day." I said "I don't know, I haven't seen her the whole day." Baek Ah said "Don't worry, Brother So, I'll go see where Hae In is. She's probably caught up with Prince Eun or Prince Jung." I nodded and said "Thank you." And he left the room.

Awhile later, Baek Ah came running back in. He said "Brother So, I found Hae In." I said "Oh? Where is she?" He said "Brother So, you have to promise me that you will only get out of bed when the doctor says you can." I nodded and he continued "When I found Hae In, she was unconscious. She was taken to her rooms and I got the palace doctor to check on her and he said that she collapsed out of lethargy. She's running a high fever too."

I said "What? Is she ok?" As I began panicking. He said "She's asleep now." The next few days, Soo took over Hae In's job in getting me my medicine and I got updates of Hae In's condition from her. When the palace doctor came 4 days later, I was told that I could be walking around.

Hae In, I miss you.

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