Chapter 9 - Reunited.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
We traveled the whole day, and just like yesterday, we found an empty space to rest for the night. Wook said "We're near the area, we'll be able to arrive by noon tomorrow." Both Prince So and I nodded and they passed me buns. I said "We had this?" Wook said "I bought it when we were passing through the towns. You were fast asleep."

I gave a sheepish smile and said "Oh." Prince So placed the bun into my mouth and said "Eat up. Do you need me to feed you?" I shook my head and ate the bun silently. Prince So said "The stars are pretty tonight." I nodded and said "They are..." He said "Just like you..." I blushed and said "Aniya, there are prettier girls..." He said "Definitely not." I shook my head and rested my head on his shoulder.

He smiled and said "Daring, young lady." I just smiled and he pushed my hair out of my eyes. I just gave him a small smile.

Wang So's POV
Hae In has this power, to make my heart flutter. As I saw her smile, I felt my heart racing. She said "Prince So, why do you always wear a mask? I heard that you have a scar and all...But why do you hide it?"

I felt my heart stop. I said "In this time, no one likes to see ugly faces. Everyone only appreciates people with beautiful and perfect faces." She sighed and said "It's really sad. People with perfect faces are always placed on top, and others will be insulted and criticized..." I nodded and she said "But Prince So, scarred or not, I think...You're perfect."

I said "After seeing my face, you'll change your mind and leave." She grabbed my hand and said "I promise, I won't. I'm not that kind of person, I hold my words true to my heart." He shook his head and said "That's what everybody says." Her face fell, and said "So I'm just like everyone else? Don't you trust me?"

I said "I trust you, Hae In...But people always say that, and then leave after they see me." She held my hand and said "I swear I won't. People shouldn't be judged, just because of how they look, I know you didn't want this..."

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
"Why not we just sleep, we can discuss this back at the palace." He said. I nodded and said "You can lie down on my lap." His eyes widened and said "What?" I said "You've been holding me, it's uncomfortable." He shook his head and said "It's not." I said "I insist."

He shyly laid down on my lap and I stroked his hair lightly. He reached up and caressed my face, sending me a shy smile. I mustered all my courage, leaned down, and pressed a gentle kiss onto his cheek. I said "Goodnight, Prince So." He smiled and said "Goodnight, Hae In." We fell asleep soon, with him holding my hand tightly.

The next morning, I woke up early, and saw the sunrise. Who knew, that the sunrise would look so beautiful? I always wanted to be someone who's just like the sun, brightening up the lives of people. "Beautiful, isn't it?" I turned to Prince Wook and smiled before nodding. He said "You...Like Brother So, don't you?" I said "He's an amazing person...He treats me well too."

Prince Wook nodded and said "Everyone can see that." Prince So stirred and I saw him opening his eyes. "Good morning, Prince." He said "Good morning, Hae In and Wook. Are we ready to go?" We nodded and began our journey back to Prince Wook's home. Around noon, we arrived at Prince Wook's home.

"HAE IN IS BACK!" I heard someone yell. We turned and saw Prince Jung, Prince Eun and Prince Baek Ah. Prince So got down first, and proceeded to lift me off the horse. He kept his arm around my waist and Prince Eun and Prince Jung kept staring. Prince So realized and cleared his throat before removing it.

I said "Where's Soo Unnie?" Prince Eun looked at me sadly and said "She's been in her room ever since you were taken..." I said "Can you bring me to her?" I looked at Prince So and he nodded before saying "Of course." Prince So took me to her room and I could hear her sobs from outside the door. He said "Go on." I opened the door and she said "Go away..."

I smiled at Prince So before closing the door. I went over, and immediately felt tears prick my eyes. I wrapped my arms tightly around her and said "Unnie...I'm back..." She looked up and said "Hae In?" I nodded and said "I'm back..." She threw herself into my arms and cried badly. "I thought I lost you..."

Wang So's POV
I could sense Hae In's longing for her sister during our journey back home. 5 days away from her precious sister that she held close to her heart, definitely took a toll on her mentally. I heard the cries of both sisters and instantly felt my heart clench.

I didn't realize that I had been standing outside Soo's room for a long time until Baek Ah came over to me. He said "Brother, everyone is waiting for you at the hall." I nodded and said "Let's go." We went to the hall and I saw that all the Princes were present, as well as Chae Ryung and some other servants.

Wook said "Brother So, would you like to inform everyone of what to do?" I shouldn't let everyone suspect the romance between Hae In and I, so I just shook my head. He nodded and said "I'll do it then."

He said "Hae In, she went through a traumatic 3 days in the hands of the Kangs. I need everyone to not remind her of them, and try to be by her side and not leave her alone. Chae Ryung, I need you to set a bath for Hae In. Check for any injuries and report to me." Chae Ryung said "Prince Wook, do I do it now?" I said "Do it when night falls. Let Soo and Hae In have some alone time together."

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