Chapter 26 - News.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
It's been 2 weeks, and my stomach feels really uncomfortable. I've been feeling nauseous and sick, and Prince So asked Chae Ryung and Soo over to look after me while he went to deal with his duties. It was night already, and Prince So had came back at the wrong time. I was vomiting my guts out and he ran over, holding my hair back for me.

He said "부인, are you ok?" I nodded and he said "I'll get one of the servants to clean up, and get the palace doctor." As he laid me down onto the bed again. Pressing a kiss on my forehead, he said "I'll be back." I nodded and he ran out. A servant came in to clean up the mess I made and she brought me a cup of tea as well. Soo and Chae Ryung came running in, saying "Queen Hae In! Are you ok?"

I leaned against Soo's chest weakly and said "Unnie...I feel so uncomfortable..." She slowly fed me the tea and laid me back down. She held my hand and said "You'll be fine, hm?" I said "Is something wrong with me?" She said "Aniya. My Hae In is a strong girl, right?" Prince So came running in with the palace doctor, who immediately bowed and said "Queen Hae In." I nodded and he ran over. Sitting down next to our bed, he felt my pulse and his eyes widened.

"What is it, Doctor?" Prince So worriedly asked. He said "King Gwangjong, Queen Hae In. Congratulations." We exchanged glances and he said "Congratulations? Wait. Queen Hae In is pregnant?!" The palace doctor nodded and said "Yes, King. Queen Hae In is pregnant." I couldn't believe my ears. I have a life, growing inside of me. Soo Unnie and Chae Ryung immediately exclaimed "Congratulations!" I said "Thank you..."

Prince So was standing there silently, definitely in shock, and I said "You guys can go." while sitting up. They bowed and said "We'll take our leave, Queen Hae In and King Gwangjong." Before leaving our room and closing the door behind them.

Wang So's POV
"부인...You're pregnant." I can't believe it. Hae In is carrying our child, our baby. I hugged her tightly, and said "Thank you, Hae In...Thank you!" She hugged me back and said "서방님...Our baby..." I smiled and said "Thank you." Before pressing a passionate kiss on her lips.

I couldn't believe my ears. 2 weeks after our wedding, my wife is pregnant. 2 weeks after I wished for a child, my wish came true. I said "부인, time to rest." Before lying her down carefully. I wrapped my arms around her waist from the back, and pulled her tightly against my chest. My hands caressed her stomach and she laced her fingers with mine. I smiled and said "Goodnight, 부인." She whispered "Goodnight, 서방님...I love you."

I snuggled my face into her back and said "Thank you." I knew she fell asleep, her breathing slowed down, but I was still wide awake. Thinking of our future together. I could see a happy family, Hae In and I, happily married, and running around with our children. I fell asleep, with this happy thought at the back of my mind.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
I woke up and saw that Prince So was already awake, sitting at the table in our room and sipping his tea. I sat up and yawned, and remembered last night. Was it all a dream? Please let it be reality..."부인, good morning." I turned to Prince So and smiled before saying "서방님, you're up early today."

He nodded and said "You're up late today." I giggled and stood up. I placed my hand on my stomach and said "Was it...True?" He came over and wrapped his arm around my waist, resting his hands on my stomach. He said "It feels so surreal...I- I can't believe it too." I smiled and said "So it's true?" He nodded and said "Yes, 부인." I said "Oh my god..."

He said "Time to get you dressed, Queen. We have to announce the news to the other Princes and Empresses." I nodded and he left the room to give me privacy. A few Damiwon ladies came in to help me get dressed and after they did, I thanked them. Prince So came in and said "You can go." All of them bowed before leaving.

Prince So came over and wrapped his arms around my waist tightly, and pressed our foreheads together. I smiled and tiptoed, pressing a gentle kiss onto his lips before saying "Good morning, 서방님." He smiled and said "Good morning, 부인."

Wang So's POV
Hae In and I made our way to the hall and the same greeting process began. I sat Hae In down and told Court Lady Oh "Please hold the breakfast. I will tell you when you can serve it." She bowed and said "Yes, King." Eun said "King, is there happy news? Queen Hae In looks very bright today."

Soo smiled at Hae In, who returned a smile. I cleared my throat and said "Today, I have very good news to share." Everyone immediately perked up and I said "Queen Hae In, is expecting a child." They all gasped and Hae In smiled widely. Jung said "Congratulations, King and Queen!" My mother had this look of disbelief written on her face, and suddenly, I felt worry.

I just let the person that wanted my life...Know that I was having a child. I just put my child's life in danger. I just put my beloved wife's life in danger. "King?" A voice instantly snapped me out of my thoughts. Hae In looked at me worriedly as she held onto my wrist. "Is something wrong?" I smiled and shook my head before settling down. "Court Lady Oh, you can serve breakfast."

After breakfast, I brought Hae In along with me to see the General. He said "King Gwangjong, what can I do for you?" I said "I need more guards to be dispatched to protect Queen Hae In." She looked at me in shock and said "Me?" I nodded and said "I'll explain later."

Let's hope this can protect my Hae In from the wrath of my mother.

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