Chapter 16 - Heaven's Will.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
There has been a severe drought going on here, and all our citizens are praying for rain. Soo Unnie and I sat in the courtyard, spending time with each other, when she said "Hae In, there will be a rain ritual that's going on, and both of us have to attend it." I said "A rain ritual? What's that?"

Suddenly, "It's a ritual that the King performs to bring rain to the country." Both of us whipped our heads around and saw Lady Hae. She sat down next to us and said "Both of you will have to attend the ceremony." We nodded and said "Yes Lady Hae." On the day of the ceremony, all of us were dressed in white and we were watching the King perform the ritual.

The continuous repeats of it led to the King, due to his old age, to collapse. "The ritual has been postponed." One of the King's right-hand men announced. All of us returned to our homes.

Wang So's POV
The Princes were called to our study in the Palace and Ji Mong, the royal astronomer, was present. He said "I need all of you to write your name on the stick, and place it into this deep bowl. The King has rescheduled the ritual to be 3 days later and the selection will be tomorrow. And one of the you, the Princes, will be representing the King."

All of us were given a stick and we wrote our names down. "1st Prince, Wang Moo." "3rd Prince, Wang Yo." "8th Prince, Wang Wook." "9th Prince, Wang Won." "10th Prince, Wang Eun." "13th Prince, Wang Baek Ah." "14th Prince, Wang Jung." Everyone turned to me as I have yet to place mine into the bowl. I wrote my name and said "4th Prince, Wang So." before dropping my stick into the bowl.

Ha Eun (Hae In's) POV
I was with Chae Ryung, and we were holding a conversation in the courtyard. I said "Chae Ryung, can we go out to town? I would like to see how it's like." She said "We'll have to ask Lady Hae for permission, Lady Hae In." I nodded and during lunch with Lady Hae and Soo Unnie, I said "Unnie, can I go to town tomorrow?" Lady Hae looked up and said "Why the sudden request?" I said "I just want to see how life is, out there." She nodded and said "You can."

I smiled and said "Thank you!" I turned to Soo Unnie and she said "I can't go, Hae In, I promised Prince Eun that I would play with him tomorrow." I nodded and said "Then I'm going with Chae Ryung~"

The next day...
Wang So's POV
It was early in the morning and all the Princes were gathered for the selection of the one who was going to take over the King in the rain ritual. All of us stood in 2 separate lines, 4 on each side, with the King in the middle. The King reached into the bowl and stirred his hand around, before settling on a stick and pulling it out.

"4th Prince, Wang So." My eyes widened. Me? Ji Mong cleared his throat and I immediately replied "Yes, King." The King said "Everyone must be present during the ritual 2 days later. You are dismissed." I saw the shocked looks and everyone's faces and Baek Ah said "It's Heaven's will, Brother So." I just nodded and walked away. I went to the lake, and sat there, to sort out my thoughts. Hae In wasn't here today, I wonder where is she.

I must've fallen asleep because when I woke up, it was noon. I went back to the Wook's house and saw Chae Ryung, panicking. I said "Chae Ryung, where's Hae In?" She said "Prince So, L- Lady Hae In told me to call for help!" I said "What?" She said "L- Lady Hae In, she- she saw the 14th Prince being dragged away when we were in town, and she told me to come back and call for help!"

I said "I'll go look for her." She nodded and said "Please do, Prince So!" I ran to my horse and immediately rode to town. I rode past the forest and I heard yelling. I rode into the forest and saw a group of men surrounding Hae In and Jung. I rode deeper and pulled out my sword. The men immediately cowered and I said "Waiting for your deaths?" They immediately ran away and I kept my sword.

Jung hugged Hae In and said "Thank you, Hae In, you saved me! I swear, I'll protect your life with mine!" She and patted his back lightly before saying "I hold you to your word then." I felt my blood boiling when I saw Jung hugging Hae In. Keeping my cool, I cleared my throat. Jung immediately let go and gave me a sheepish look before saying "Brother So, Hae In, I'll make my way back to the palace first."

I said "Take my horse." He said "Yes, Brother So." Before leaving. I turned to Hae In and said "Care to explain what happened?" She held my arm and said "Can we leave the forest first? This place is scary." I laughed and said "Alright, anything you want." Before intertwining our fingers together.

We went back to town and we walked past a shop selling hairpins. I said "Hae In, I'll buy you a hairpin." She shook her head and said "I have the hairpin that you gave me, and that's enough." I said "You sure?" She nodded and said "But thank you, Prince So." We walked back to Wook's home and I said "You still owe me an explanation."

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
I sighed and said "Alright...Chae Ryung and I were strolling through town and I saw Prince Jung being dragged away by a group of men. I followed them and told Chae Ryung to look for help." He crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow before saying "Trying to be a hero?" I looked down at my hands, pouted and rebutted "I was just afraid that something would happen to Prince Jung..." He shook his head and said "Don't be that stupid next time. What if I didn't get there on time? Not only Jung, but you will be killed too."

He lifted my chin and looked into my eyes, his full of sincerity, "I don't want anything to happen to you." I blushed and said "I promise I'll take better care of myself." He said "Hae In, I need you to do make up for me again." I nodded and said "Anytime." He asked "You're not going to ask me why?" I said "I know you'll tell me why eventually."

He shook his head and said "I'll tell you though. I was chosen by the King through a selection to represent him in the rain ritual." I gasped and said "I'm so happy for you! Heaven chose you, So!" He nodded and said "Everyone said that, but thank you, Hae In." I smiled and pressed a kiss onto his lips before saying "Congratulations."

Prince So, you will be acknowledged soon.

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