Chapter 12 - Busted.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
Who expected Prince So and I to be able to hide our romance for so long? No one suspected or questioned anything. I sat by the lake, leaning my back against a tree, contemplating about my life here in Goryeo, as Hae In.

I'm definitely happier here, I have a family that loves me, friends that care about me, and also I have someone like Prince So who gives me security and love. Not to mention, I still have Ha Jin Unnie by my side. We were leading new lives, as different, and much happier people.

We were given a second chance. A chance to feel loved and appreciated, a chance to redeem ourselves. Our lives as Go Ha Jin and Go Ha Eun were definitely not as happy, Ha Jin Unnie was cheated on and lied to by her own boyfriend and best friend, while me, I was just mistreated.

I dragged my fingers through the surface of the water, enjoying the cool feeling on my fingers. "Hae In?" I was snatched back into reality, away from my train of thought. I saw Prince So standing at the entrance that led to the lake, and said "Prince So." He sat beside me and said "What were you thinking about? You looked so deep in thought." I shook my head and said "Just contemplating on life."

He grabbed my hand and our fingers automatically intertwined. He smiled and said "Thank you for helping me yesterday. Everything went smoothly, people didn't judge me by the way I looked." I said "Anytime, Prince So..." We walked back to the main house, hand in hand, forgetting about all the other Princes. I was laughing at something he said and leaned my head onto his shoulder in bliss.

"Hae In, Brother So?" Both Prince So and I froze in our positions and immediately let go of each other's hand. We turned and saw Prince Eun. He was just staring at us in shock and So sensed the awkward atmosphere. He cleared his throat and asked "Eun, were you looking for us?" He nodded and said "The other Princes and Soo are at the pavilion..." Prince So nodded and said "We'll be there soon."

Prince Eun hurriedly left and I said "Do you think he saw?" He nodded and said "I think he did." I let out a huff and he said "Let's go." I nodded. As we approached the pavilion, we heard Prince Eun's voice. "They were holding hands! I'm not joking, I saw Brother So and Hae In holding hands!" I said "He definitely saw us."

We went over and I bowed before saying "Good afternoon, Princes." Prince Jung said "Hae In's going be family soon!" I blushed and coughed awkwardly. Soo patted the empty seat next to her and said "Hae In, come sit here." I went over to her and sat down. Prince So sat next to me and Prince Eun said "Brother So, are you really together with Hae In?"

I looked at Prince So, wondering what he would say. If he said no, I would've felt really sad.

Wang So's POV
I knew, that sooner or later, everyone would find out. I nodded and said "Yes. Hae In and I are together." I looked at Hae In from the corner of my eye and saw that she was blushing, and looking down at her hands. Hae In was someone who blushed easily, and I always felt that her blush was adorable.

I held her hand lightly and she looked up before smiling at me shyly. Soo said "Prince So, I hope you'll take good care of my sister. She can say some weird things at times and act a little immature, but I hope you won't mind." I shook my head and said "I won't."

Hae In whined "Unnie, why are you saying it as if you're going to marry me away?" before pouting. Well, that's a first. I've never seen this side of Hae In before. I must admit, it's really adorable.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
I felt really at ease after Prince So admitted to everyone that we were together, now, we can finally be able to stop hiding away, and also worrying about others seeing us. All of us began eating and after that, went off on our own ways.

Prince So had something to take care of so he went off and I decided to spend some time with Soo Unnie. We sat in the other pavilion, making soap for everyone, with Chae Ryung, and the other servants. We were having a lot of fun, and were very diligently shaping, decorating and dyeing the soaps into different colours. She said "Why didn't you tell me about you and Prince So?" I said "Unnie, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep it from you."

She said "It's alright, I understand the situation." I exclaimed "Really?" She nodded and reassured me with a firm "Really." We continued making soaps in silence when "Are you going to make one for Prince So?" I said "Should I?" She replied "Of course, why not?" I said "Can we make for the other Princes as well?"

We ended up making so many soaps, we didn't know how much we ended up making. There were enough for every queen, Prince and even ourselves. The next few hours were spent packing and night fell quickly. Soo Unnie said "Get some sleep, tomorrow we'll give these out." I said "Yes, Unnie. Goodnight, sweet dreams." She went back to her room and I sat in my room, with the smell of soap lingering around in every corner.

Before I knew it, lethargy hit me and I fell asleep almost immediately after lying down on my bed.

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