Chapter 28 - Birth of a Prince.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
Months have passed, and my stomach was growing bigger and bigger, as the due date of our baby is approaching. Prince So tries to be with me every time he's free, and would stay by my side and rub my stomach whenever I'm feeling uncomfortable.

The palace doctor had came to check on me a few days ago and he said that he would be safer for me if I had stayed in bed as the baby may come at any time. Empress Dowager Yoo had been lying down low for quite some time and had not made any advances on me. I was definitely afraid, not for myself, but for my child.

After listening to what the palace doctor said, So had made sure the guards dispatched to ensure my safety made sure that I didn't leave the room. The Damiwon ladies brought me my food, and Prince So had made sure that there wasn't any additional ingredient in the food and drinks that would cause me my life.

I was lying down in our room after dinner, and I placed my hand on my protruding stomach. I said "Baby, are you doing well inside? Appa and Omma loves you a lot and we can't wait to meet you..." The door opened and I saw Prince So. He smiled and said "Hello 부인." While taking a seat next to me and leaning down to press a kiss onto my lips.

I smiled and said "How were the children?" After much discussion, we finally found a teacher for the children in the city and without hesitation, dispatched her to conduct classes. He smiled and said while stroking my hair "The children were great. They're picking up things very fast and they're very obedient. But they miss you." I smiled and said "I'm glad to hear that..."

He said "How are you and our little baby doing?" I said "We're doing very well. The baby has been kicking around today..." He placed his hand on my stomach and said "Baby, I know you're excited but you're hurting Omonim..." I placed my hand on his and smiled before saying "Will you be here for the birth of our child?" He nodded and said "I'll try to be." I pressed a kiss onto his cheek and he changed into his sleepwear and we fell asleep together.

Wang So's POV
I left to carry my duties as a King early, while Hae In is still asleep. I pressed a kiss onto her forehead and left. Halfway through the day, one of Hae In's guards came running into the study and said "King Gwangjong, King Gwangjong!" I said "Did something happen to Hae In? What's wrong?" He said "Queen Hae In...She's going into labour!"

I immediately dropped my things and ran to our room. Wait for me, 부인. I'm on my way. As I was nearing our room, I could hear the screams of pain. I burst into the room and saw Hae In screaming in pain on our bed, her legs wide open with a midwife helping to deliver the baby. I ran over and squatted next to bed and she immediately held my hand tightly. I wiped off the sweat on her forehead and said "부인, I'm here. You'll be fine."

She nodded the midwife said "Queen Hae In, push!" She pushed, her face contorted in pain and she had a death grip on my hand. I said "부인, you're doing very well. Come on. On my count alright?" She nodded and I said "1, 2, 3!" On the count of 3, she pushed and the midwife said "Queen, I can see the baby's head! A few more pushes!" She whimpered "서빙님...It hurts so badly..."

I said "I know, 부인. But you're strong. I know you can do this, alright?" She pushed as hard as she can, and after 3 pushes, a baby's cry filled the room. The midwife said "Congratulations, Queen Hae In and King Gwangjong, it's a boy, a Prince!" I pressed a gentle kiss onto Hae In's forehead while our son was being cleaned up and I said "부인, you did well, you did it."

Our son was passed to me and I smiled, looking at his rounded face. I passed him to Hae In, who began to cry. She said "My son...My Prince..." I hugged her and stroked her hair lightly. I said "What should we name him?" She said "Wang Ju..." I nodded and said "Wang Ju it is then." Hae In was cleaned up while I held Ju. I smiled and said "Ju~ I'm Abeonim."

The whole night, I looked after Ju while Hae In rested. I took a break from my duties as a King and put Baek Ah in charge while I looked after Prince Ju and Hae In recuperated.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
It's been almost a month since I gave birth to Prince So and I's child and I was fully recovered. King Gwangjong had resumed his duties about 2 weeks ago and I was often left alone with Ju. We were in the palace garden and Prince Eun saw us. He smiled and ran over withhis wife, Soon Deok, in tow.

Prince Eun actually got married about a month ago to our General's daughter, Soon Deok, and they are VERY in love. They remind me of Prince So and I. I smiled and hugged Soon Deok before saying "Is Prince Eun treating you well?" She nodded and I said "Let me know if he bullies you. I will take care of him, personally." He hugged Soon Deok and said "Aniya. I love Soon Deok~" I smiled and said "When are you going to have a child?"

They looked at each other and I noticed a familiar glint. I said "설마..." Soon Deok avoided eye contact and I smiled before saying "You already have one!" She hushed me and said "Queen, you're the first one!" I said "I'm honoured, thank you." "What are you guys talking about?" I felt an arm wrapping around my waist. I leaned into So's embrace and said "Just about Soon Deok and Eun." He smiled and said "Congratulations on your child."

They bowed and said "Thank you King Gwangjong. I hope we can be like you and Queen Hae In, as well as Wang Ju~ A perfect, happy family."

I looked at Prince So and he smiled before pressing a kiss onto my forehead. He said "We're indeed a perfect family."

At least, we're happy with each other.

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