Chapter 3 - Clash of Personalities.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
"Hae In, just SHOOT the bow!" I was with Wang Yo, the 3rd Prince, who was teaching me how to use the bow and arrow. I took a deep breath and let go of the bow, sending the arrow cutting through the air. Prince Yo said "It isn't that difficult!" I said "But Prince Yo, it IS difficult!" He said "You call a bullseye difficult? This is only your 2nd lesson and you, are already shooting a bullseye." Before bringing the target over and showing me the arrow lodged right in the centre.

I said "It's just luck." He said "You're good, you just don't see it yet." I'm Go Ha Eun, and I was the top archer of my high school. I represented my school at national competitions and always returned, victorious, with the gold medal. I smiled and said "Thank you, Prince Yo." He nodded and said "I bet your sister is looking for you. Run along." I nodded and said "Bye!" Before running off.

Walking around the garden was a normal thing for me, and I didn't notice someone coming up behind me. I felt myself being pulled into someone's chest, and something cold being held at my neck. A sword. The person hissed "Don't make a sound, or I'll kill you."

I was scared out of my wits and fisted my hanbok tightly. He pulled me along and I went with him, with no choice. He interrogated "Where are the Princes." I said "I- I don't know..." I felt tears rolling down my cheeks and he sent a kick to the back of my right knee. I let out a scream of pain and fell to the ground. He yanked my hair and I started crying.

Suddenly, Prince So came into sight. He held out his sword at the man behind me and said "Kill her." My eyes widened and he repeated himself "I said, kill her." The next moment, he pointed the sword to me and said "Or do I have to do it myself?" The man huffed and pressed the sword deeper into my neck. It was beginning to draw blood. I whimpered in pain and the man was suddenly tackled to the ground.

Prince So had sent a blow to the man's shin who let go of me. He grabbed the man's sword and left with him. I sighed and said "Cold, heartless and ruthless indeed." I was clutching my neck to stop the bleeding and walking to Soo Unnie's room when "HAE IN!" I turned and saw Prince Wook running towards me. He said "We need to get you to Hae Soo." He lifted me up and ran to Soo Unnie's room. I was starting to slip in and out of consciousness and Soo Unnie dressed my wound.

I slipped out of consciousness. When I woke up the next day, I saw Soo Unnie pacing up and down the room. I sat up and said "Unnie..." She gasped and said "Are you ok?" I nodded and she said "You scared me!" I said "I'm sorry." After breakfast, she left to do her things while I sat in the courtyard with Prince Eun and Prince Jung. When Prince So suddenly walked past, I immediately chased after him, wanting to confront him about yesterday.

"Excuse me, EXCUSE ME, HOLD ON FOR A SECOND, WILL YOU." When he stopped abruptly, I crashed into him and fell down. I said "Shouldn't you apologize for what you did yesterday? Instead of helping me, you wanted to kill me!" He turned around and said "Who are you?" I said "I'm Go- I'm Hae In! Hae Soo's sister." He shook his head and said "I don't need your name. Who are you, to be behaving like this to the Prince?" I bit my lip but continued "But you, still owe me an apology."

"Well in that case, you need to die after you hear me apologize. Do you still want it?" I silenced. Kill? An apology, in exchange for my life? What a bad trade. He smirked and said "Thought so. Don't appear in front of me, ever again." Before leaving. I went back to Prince Eun and Prince Jung and sat down again. Prince Eun said "Hae In, you know So Hyung?" I said "More like, he was the one who caused my injury."

Prince Jung said "What happened?" I said "It's a long story, and its best not be told. Princes, I'll get going first, see you soon." Before getting up and leaving. Chae Ryung was bringing me around the home and we came across this place with several towers of stones. I said "Chae Ryung ah, what are these?" She said "These are the stones that the mothers built to wish and pray for blessings for their children." I said "That's meaningful..." She nodded and said "Lady Hae In, we should be getting back now, it's late and almost time for dinner."

I nodded and we left for the house. Chae Ryung and I had grown close after interacting with each other, and I felt as if she was family. Maybe, in this place, I'll be able to experience what having a real family feels like, something I was unable to feel in the modern day.

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