Chapter 13 - First signs of Love.

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Ha Eun's POV
Soo Unnie and I divided up the work, she was going to go to the palace with Prince Wook and Lady Hae to give out the soaps to the Queens while I would give them out to the Princes. I had given them to every Prince, except Prince So.

As usual, I went to the lake to enjoy the scenery and soak in the fresh air. Thumbing the intricate designs on the box filled with soap that I picked out for Prince So, I sighed, remembering his mask. I never liked it when Prince So told me that he felt like a monster, nor when he told me that people hate him because of his scars.

Beauty, isn't defined by one's looks. Looks aren't everything. The heart is.

I sat there silently for ages, and I heard the rustling of leaves before turning. I saw Prince So, smiling at me. He said "I heard from Baek Ah that you were looking for me." I nodded and said "Unnie and I were making soaps yesterday, and I made some for you." Before handing the box to him. He said "Soaps? What's that?"

I said "The things that you use for bathing." He said "Ah...Can I open it?" I nodded and he opened the box. He said "They are beautiful, thank you." I said "You're welcome." We sat there, talking about things and enjoying each other's company, and soon, night fell. He said "Hae In, let me bring you somewhere." I nodded and he pulled me to another part of the lake and I saw a small boat. He pushed it out onto the lake and climbed on it first.

Holding out his hand, he said "Come." I took it and carefully stepped into the boat. As it began to shake, I began to lose my balance and the next thing that happened? I fell. Right on top of Prince So. He said "I told you to be careful." I said "I'm sorry, Prince So." He pecked my lips gently and said "It's fine." We sat up and he rowed the boat to the middle of the lake.

Who needs lights when there are fireflies? I smiled and said "It's beautiful." He said "I have something for you." I said "Really?" He nodded and took it out from the band of his hanbok. It was the hairpin, the one that he dropped and I returned. He said "This is for you." I gasped and said "Prince...It looks very expensive. I can't accept this." He said "I insist, Hae In. This is my first gift to you. Are you not going to accept it?"

I said "But-" He said "No buts." Before placing it into my hands. I said "Thank you, Prince So." He smiled and said "You're welcome."

Wang So's POV
I saw the smile on Hae In's face and at that moment, I realized. The weird feeling that I had in my heart was gone. The whole day, I had this weird and uncomfortable feeling in my heart for an unknown reason, was gone.

Just by seeing Hae In, it disappeared. Why? Am I- No, have I fallen for Hae In? I looked at her from the corner of my eye, and I saw her looking at the reflection of the beautiful lake. I smiled and said "Do you like this?" She looked over at me and said "Yes, it's beautiful, Prince." I hated it when she called me 'Prince', it doesn't feel right.

I said "Hae In, please don't address me as 'Prince So' anymore. Just call me So." She said "No, I can't, Prince So! I have to address you as Prince." I shook my head and said "I insist. I hate it when you call me 'Prince So', it feels as if you're one of the others, but you're not. You're special to me." She said "If others hear me calling you something other than 'Prince So', I may have to go to prison."

I shook my head and said "Not with me around. I'll inform the others. For your safety, when we see any Queens or the King, you'll have to address me as Prince So. Is this ok?" She nodded and said "Yes, Prince So."

"Hae In, do I need to bring you to the doctor? Are you seeing things?" She said "No?" I joked "Apparently, you are. I don't see any Queens or the King, but maybe you saw them and that's why you're calling me Prince So?" She giggled and said "I'm sorry, So." My name just rolled off her tongue like that, it was like music to my ears.

I said "Aren't you going to wear the pin?"

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
"Aren't you going to wear the pin?" I smiled and said "Nope." He said "I'll put it on for you. Come here." I said "The boat will tip." He said "Then let's go back to shore." before beginning to row the boat back to shore. We got off and he helped me to put the pin into my hair.

I said "Thank you, So." He smiled and said "You're welcome." before pressing a kiss onto my lips. We went back to the house and saw that everyone was eating dinner in the hall. When Prince Jung saw us, he said "Brother So, Hae In!" I bowed to them and Prince So pulled me over. He sat down next to me and Chae Ryung brought us a set of food each.

We ate in silence when suddenly "Hae In! Nice hairpin!" Prince Eun exclaimed. Prince Jung said "It looks like the one that I bought for my Mother! Who bought it for you?" Prince So said "I did." I nodded. After dinner, Prince So walked me back to my room and said "Goodnight Hae In." I said "Goodnight So, sweet dreams." Before turning to open the door. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back before pressing a kiss onto my forehead.

I saw his face redden as he diverted his attention in embarrassment and I took the chance to press a gentle kiss onto his cheek. I said "It's late, you should go back, bye!" Before entering my room and closing the door behind me. I clutched my heart and smiled in happiness, Prince So never fails to make my heart race.

Wang So's POV
I brought my hand up to my cheek where she kissed me. I clutched my heart and smiled lightly. Just seeing Hae In is enough to make my heart race.

Wang So and Ha Eun (Hae In) POV
Maybe...We're in love.

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