Chapter 25 - Talk.

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Wang So's POV
We were finally on the way back to the palace, and I had my fingers intertwined with hers. It was all silent, but still comfortable. I felt a weight on my shoulder and turned to see Hae In asleep. I brushed her hair out of her face and smiled lightly. She looked so adorable and sweet.

The carriage came to a stop and was lowered. The curtain was pulled aside and I slid an arm under her neck and another under her knees and lifted her up. The guard said "King Gwangjong." I said "It's fine. You are dismissed." I brought Hae In back to our room and laid her down on the mattress on the ground. I untied her hanbok, and changed her into her sleepwear.

I changed myself and folded the clothes before setting them aside. I sat down next to her, and pushed her hair out of her face while carefully removing the hairpins out of her hair. The last one was removed, and I placed all of them on her set of clothes. Finally, I can sleep. I laid down next to her and stroked her cheek lightly. She always looked so innocent when she's asleep.

I moved closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist, gently pulling her to me. I pressed a kiss onto her forehead and whispered "Goodnight, Hae In..." I felt her hand moving up to my torso and she wrapped an arm around me, another grabbing my shirt at my chest and snuggling her head into my chest. In almost no time, I fell asleep.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
I woke up the next morning, in the arms of Prince So. I don't remember falling asleep in our room last night...I looked over at him, and noticed that he was still asleep. I was wrapped tightly in his arms and stroked his hair lightly. I saw him shuffling in his sleep and he opened his eyes. He pressed his lips onto mine gently and said "Good morning, 부인." I smiled and said "Good morning, 서방님." His eyes widened and I blushed furiously.

He pulled me flush against his chest and I said "서방님." He captured my lips, engaging in a very passionate kiss. He pressed his forehead against mine and we smiled before I initiated another one again. He said "That's enough, 부인. We will end up staying in bed the whole day. We can't do that, right?" I nodded and pulled him up, before saying "서방님, did you bring me here last night?" He nodded and said "You...Changed me into these clothes too?" He nodded again and I immediately protested. I said "So, how could you!" He wrapped his arms around my waist before saying "I saw everything on our wedding night. There's nothing to hide."

I buried my face into his shoulder and he said "Why are you acting all shy? 부인~" I coughed awkwardly and wrapped my arms around him. He hugged me back and said "We really have to get dressed. We have to discuss about the teacher problem." I immediately peeked up and nodded. We went to change, and went for breakfast. It was only the two of us today, everyone stayed in their respective houses. After food, we proceeded to the study and began discussing the situation with the other officials.

Wang So's POV
"I ALREADY SAID, WE NEED A TEACHER TO EDUCATE THE CHILDREN!" I was already fuming mad, the officials were not doing anything right. All of them recoiled in fear, and I yelled "GET OUT. ALL OF YOU, RIGHT NOW!" I saw all of them scrambling to their feet and they bowed before leaving hurriedly. I was really angry, my chest was heaving up and down and I had my fists tightly clenched. "서방님..." I didn't know how I looked at Hae In but she flinched. She said "Let's go back to our room. You're too stressed out, I'll give you a massage."

She helped me up gently and we went back to our room. She sat me down and smiled before beginning to knead my shoulders. I let out a sigh of pleasure and after a while, I felt much better. I held her hand that was on my shoulder lightly, smiling while saying "Thank you...I feel so much better." She pressed a kiss onto my cheek and smiled before saying "You're welcome, 서방님." After seeing her yesterday, interacting with children, I wanted children of our own. But, I didn't know how to approach the topic.

I said "부인..." She said "Hm?" I said "Can we talk about...Our future?" She said "Of course." Before sitting down in front of me. I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and said "I want to have children with you." She said "That's one of my duties as a Queen, isn't it? You don't have to ask, 서방님, I know what I have to do." I said "Are you sure that you're not offended by it?" She said "I'm not. Children, are a part of marriage. But, 서방님, if you don't mind me asking, why the sudden realization that you wanted children?"

I smiled and said "After I saw you yesterday, interacting with the children...I knew that I was lucky. I married a woman, that's compassionate and loving. You make a wonderful Queen, and I, also believe that you'll make a wonderful mother as well. And I want you, to be the mother of our children." She blushed and I pressed a kiss onto her lips before saying "Did I say that you make a good wife too?"

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
I said "서방님, I'll be glad to be able to be the mother of your children...And thank you for thinking so highly of me." He smiled and said "I'm a man of my words." I hugged him tightly and said "서방님, I love you, I love you so much...You are such a great husband to me..." I hope I'll be able to have his child...

부인 (Bu-in): Wife [Wook called Lady Hae this]
서방님 (Seo-Bang-Nim): Husband [Formal]

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