Chapter 4 - The other side of a monster.

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Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
After dinner, I decided to take a walk by myself to clear my thoughts. Honestly, was Prince So really like what others said? A monster? I came to the place that Chae Ryung brought me to early in the afternoon and stood there. I prayed for Ha Jin Unnie and I's safety and for the Princes' safeties as well. Suddenly, I heard noises and turned around. I saw Prince So knocking down the towers built.

I immediately tried to pull him away and said "Please stop!" He shoved me to the ground while yelling "GO AWAY!" I lifted my hand and saw blood. "B-Blood..." He gave me a sick smile and said "Yes, it is blood. The blood of the people that I killed today!" He continued to destroy the towers and I grabbed him. I held him tightly to the point where I had to hug him tightly, just for him to stop. He yelled "LET GO! LET GO!" The next moment, he turned and hissed "Do you want to die too?"

I exclaimed "Prince, you're injured!" I lifted his arm, showing him the blood that was flowing out of his hand. I said "Do you have any other injuries?" He grabbed my neck, not hard enough to choke me, but still hard enough to bruise. He said "I told you that I killed people." I looked into his eyes sincerely and said "Tell me why you killed them. Did you do it for fun?" I could see his eyes wavering, but the next moment, he yelled "GO, GO!"

I whispered "I know that feeling. The feeling of loss, the feeling where you don't know what to do with your life, the feeling. The feeling, of regret. The feeling of being unwanted."

Wang So's POV
"I know that feeling. The feeling of loss, the feeling where you don't know what to do with your life, the feeling. The feeling, of regret. The feeling of being unwanted." Why, would this girl feel the same way as I do? No one ever understands what it feels like to be unwanted. No one understands the pain under the mask...

She said "This is the kind of place...Where you have to kill just to survive. You probably won't be forgiven, but still, I understand. It's miserable, I understand..." This girl...Does she not know me? I felt my heart wavering, she's not like others. I don't disgust her...My knees gave out on me as I knelt down, tears rolling down my cheeks. I killed so many people, the people who tried to assassinate the Crown Prince. All just to appease my selfish mother, the one who scarred me, the one who never loved me.

First Hae Soo, now Hae In...Hae In...Maybe, you're different.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
I was taking a walk with Hae Soo and Lady Hae when we came across a group of bickering servants. Lady Hae said sternly "What are you squabbling over?" Chae Ryung said "Everyone is trying to avoid bringing the 4th Prince his meal." Lady Hae said "Enough. Someone take up the meal to the 4th Prince." Just then, I realized everyone was staring at me, including Soo Unnie and Lady Hae.

"Me?" I let out a nervous laugh before saying "I- I'm a lady, I shouldn't be delivering meals, right?" Lady Hae said "Hae In, please do it." I sighed in defeat and said "Neh Unnie..." Everyone smiled and Chae Ryung thrusted the carrier into my hands. She said "Lady Hae In, Prince So, is on the mountain." "MOUNTAIN?!" I exclaimed. She nodded and I groaned. I went to that mountain and grumbled all the way up. He sat on the edge of the mountain and suddenly turned around. I froze and slowly walked over.

I placed the carrier down and said "Your meal has arrived." He didn't even spare me a look and commanded "Just leave it there." God, how rude can this Prince be? All those stupid fairytales, Princes are ALWAYS gentlemen? What a load of crap. I forced a smile and said "Please do what you feel is comfortable." I sat down beside the carrier and said "I've to bring the bowls back, why don't you eat quickly?"

"About yesterday, you didn't see anything. Be careful if what you say." I blurted out "I couldn't talk about it even if I could. I didn't believe what I saw, and I have my own issues as well. I do not have the time to gossip."

Wang So's POV
Hae In...She sure is something else. After I ate, we travelled down the mountain and I saw her struggling with the carrier. I reached out, wanting to grab it, but she just continued to pick up her pace and soon, was far from me. I let out a smile and overtook her, walking back to my room.

Ha Eun's (Hae In) POV
As the Prince walked away, I saw something fall. I went over and picked the pretty hairpin up. I called out "PRINCE, PRINCE!" But he never turned around. Sighing, I held on to it and went to return the carrier. The next morning, I met up with Chae Ryung and said "Chae Ryung ah, can you help me with something?" She nodded and I said "Can you bring me to Prince So's room?"

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