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Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 2) by Kim_Hae
Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Hea...by 김민해
//2nd Installment of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Fanfic// Everyone knows about Prince So who became King Gwangjong, and also 3rd Prince Wang Yo, a heartless, mummy's boy. He is...
Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 1] by Kim_Hae
Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo...by 김민해
//This is a fanfic on Scarlet Heart, it may or may not be following the plot// Everyone knows Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin), the best friend of almost all the Princes, and the yo...
Ectopic ➵ Wang So { Book 1 } by MissMeAgain
Ectopic ➵ Wang So { Book 1 }by sibelle
Ectopic (adj.) 》 occuring in an abnormal position or place; displaced. 《 RANKINGS (as of may 27, 2018) #11 Seohyun #90 SNSD #2 Goryeo #3 Lee Joon Gi #70 Byun Ba...
Metanoia (scarlet heart ryeo) by ayangoyo
Metanoia (scarlet heart ryeo)by aya
Metanoia - The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life - - - - - - What happens if you somehow end up being reincarnated into a drama? Yeo Sook, a n...
Your love under the moonlight by cherryhee__
Your love under the moonlightby ♡
"The Hwayoung you knew is no longer here. I now go by Weolhwa" ___ They say not to trust too easily but nineteen year old Hwayoung was still just too much of...
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: 3rd Prince Wang Yo fanfiction by ImaginationsRuns
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: 3rd Prince Wan...by ImaginationRuns
A 25-year-old woman from the year 2015, Kim Yu Ri fainted in a shopping mall's toilet after she saw a reflection of a lady in traditional hanbok. She was sent to the hos...
Scarlet Heart Ryeo || Fates Choice by mint_potato
Scarlet Heart Ryeo || Fates Choiceby hooligan
Hee Young grew up without her father, who was always away on a journey for the King. Her father was Lord Moon, known as the Scholarly Lord, and as a very close friend to...
Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2: Prince Wang Yo by ImaginationsRuns
Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2: Princ...by ImaginationRuns
"A curse for a thousand years...only one true love could break it." The third Prince Wang Yo of the Goryeo Dynasty has been cursed by a Shaman named Wooyoung...
Moon Lovers by Strawberrie709
Moon Loversby DanielleRose
An 18 year old girl is given a chance for a new life in the Goryeo Dynasty. Where does this opportunity take her?
My Person (SCARLET HEART: RYEO) by jongdaeddybtch
My Person (SCARLET HEART: RYEO)by Cada
What if Prince Wang So and Hae Soo lived happily with their baby? What if the story isn't tragic at all? What would've happened when Soo didn't die because of Heart fail...
Secret Garden: Boys Over Flowers by Kreshara
Secret Garden: Boys Over Flowersby 𝙺𝚣𝚛𝚊 𝚂𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚗
"DON'T MESS UP THE 'GOLDEN RULE'." The F4s' golden rule. Kung ano yun? Simple lang. "Wag mo silang kalabanin." Wag na wag mo silang susubukang kala...
The Reason Why ( Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fanfiction) by AlexisChastain1
The Reason Why ( Scarlet Heart Rye...by AlexisChastain1
Hae soo died. She left Wang so all alone in the midst of his reign that had just began. He never even got to meet her for the last time. The letters that were sent to hi...
Scarlet Heart Ryeo fanfic (Wang Jung x Hae Soo) by ShanxShenX21
Scarlet Heart Ryeo fanfic (Wang Ju...by Sha
Wang Jung was so underrated. Watching SHR for the second time, I fell in love with Wang Jung especially on the last episode. Read at your own risk. I know a lot of yall...
No U, by stewpitXD
No U,by sAFiyaH
Ryeo won is placed in a new environtment without her cousin and mother, she is an arranged bride for thirthy days, and there are 6 more girls like her who live in the ma...
Thích ông rồi,làm sao đây! by HPTV2k3
Thích ông rồi,làm sao đây!by HPTV2k3
Truyện teen nói về chuyện học đường thú vị của những học sinh cuối cấp hai. 4 năm rồi, những tình cảm trong sáng, hồn nhiên của lứa tuổi học trò bắt đầu nảy nở. Một Dươ...
Cherry Blossoms Under the Night Sky by JaeniPJ
Cherry Blossoms Under the Night Skyby Ej
While Wang So and Jung are off fulfilling the king's orders, Hae Soo is left in the palace with little to no allies and is forced, once again, to cope on her own. Yeon...
Kpop oneshots, random ones by PokemonNarutoFreako
Kpop oneshots, random onesby Westly
Kpop oneshots. Requests are open!