roommates ❁ seulmin by nayeonsbunny
roommates ❁ seulminby jaeseon
° in which seulgi ends up roommates with none other than park jimin HIGHEST: #114 in Fanfiction #4 in #bangtanvelvet ° official entry to the BTS #LoveYourselfAwards ° o...
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  • parkjimin
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An Odious Woman | Seulrene G!P by 94luvie
An Odious Woman | Seulrene G!Pby s
~Como muchos dicen, del odio al amor solo hay un paso y eso te lo pueden asegurar Irene y Seulgi, Seulgi era la hija del dueño de la empresa "Kang Media Group"...
  • bae
  • kangseulgi
  • joohyun
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Daniel berlibur karena patah hati. Pacarnya yang udah dipacarinya satu tahun milih kawin lari karena malas nunggu daniel yang terlalu lama ngelamar dia. Seongwoo yang b...
  • wannaone
  • ong
  • kangdaniel
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Artificial Love//Ongniel  by -junguwu
Artificial Love//Ongniel by g¡selle
•Famous Actor Ong Seongwoo dates Kang Daniel, but only for the sake of his job•
  • yoonjisung
  • kangdaniel
  • ongseongwoo
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|| نادلتي طبيبتي || by baeekhyunee_exo
|| نادلتي طبيبتي ||by baekhyunee_exo
شخص يحب بكل جوارحه .. شخص يفعل اي شي فقط ليكون قرب قلبه . . هذه اطول رواية اكتبها منذ بدايتي في عالم الكتابة بدات كتابتها حديثا وقد تمكنت من نشر ثمانية وثلاثين جزء الى ا...
  • byun
  • طباخ
  • love
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Unforgettable Emotions (707 x reader) by Amane8009
Unforgettable Emotions (707 x read...by Amane8009
Summary: Based on 707s route, with a more detailed description. Some of the dialogue and actions will be different. An obvious note of spoilers for those who haven't pla...
  • sevenzeroseven
  • han
  • choi
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Arranged:Kang Daniel by ishipjinhwi
Arranged:Kang Danielby Hyunjinlovesbread
2 schoolmates who started hating each other but were meant to be. they thought they never would love the other, but what if they fall for each other subconsciously? what...
  • arranged
  • daehwi
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Produce 48 Update by Ortspoon
Produce 48 Updateby 吳 菲 安
Takkan tak nak tahu news update Produce 48. Jangan jadi silent readers aku lempang kang !!
  • ioi
  • produce101s1
  • produce101s2
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Second Chance《Seulrene》 by tzu-liet
Second Chance《Seulrene》by hiatus yo
[COMPLETED] "Sometimes you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life." ⇒【Short Story】 ••• 『Plagiarism is a crime.』
  • second
  • joohyun
  • velvet
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Love Mess 💘 Kang Daniel FanFiction by Ryoniel
Love Mess 💘 Kang Daniel FanFictionby Ryoniel
What happen when a girl is forced by her parents to spend a year of study in a foreign country that doesn't attract her for nothing and moreover, due to various circumst...
  • koreanidol
  • produce101
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one shots; seulrene by 94luvie
one shots; seulreneby s
Pequeñas traducciones.
  • irene
  • lgbt
  • red
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answer me!/대답해! ↠ park jihoon by wonbeat
answer me!/대답해! ↠ park jihoonby みこ
  • broduce101
  • kang
  • daniel
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childhood stranger ✉ park jihoon [completed] by wowzhengkun
childhood stranger ✉ park jihoon [...by iya
Highest Ranking: #51 in Fanfiction 12/04/17 ❝ i was your everything... until i became nothing. ❞ in which a childhood bestfriend turns into just a childhood stranger. c...
  • ahn
  • wannaone
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frozen heart || kang daniel by bangtansbooty
frozen heart || kang danielby s
" di ka naman si Elsa pero bakit ang cold mo? " Started: 06.11.18 Ended: ---
  • kimtaehyung
  • laiguanlin
  • kangdaniel
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Om - Kang Daniel by Raisaaa
Om - Kang Danielby raisa
"om siapa sih? kok ada dimana mana?!" "om setan ya?" "gadis kecil gua lucu juga."
  • teenfiction
  • nadine
  • romance
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Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 1] by Kim_Hae
Heart of Ice. [Scarlet Heart: Ryeo...by 김민해
//This is a fanfic on Scarlet Heart, it may or may not be following the plot// Everyone knows Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin), the best friend of almost all the Princes, and the yo...
  • hong
  • joon
  • kang
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Love-Crazy • [min yoongi ff] by jecnsus
Love-Crazy • [min yoongi ff]by M.S✔️
"dont go near suga." "who?" "suga is the other personality, just keep away from it please." "are you sure about what youre saying? t...
  • kang
  • yoongi
  • jeon
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Cheerleader | Seulrene by 94luvie
Cheerleader | Seulreneby s
"Esa pequeña falda se te ve muy bien..."
  • kang
  • redvelvet
  • bae
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My Clingy Boyfriend +kdn ✔ by realdeeffdanik
My Clingy Boyfriend +kdn ✔by peachydanik
yes,yes and yes! he's my boyfriend! is that wrong? eventhough,he could be very annoying,but who cares,i love him! i just want you to know that,kang Daniel is mine! my Cl...
  • wannaone
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