Through the Dark

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'So how do you like it?' I ask nervously. I had been practicing the song for over a month and I was really hoping that Harry would like it. I wrote it while I was stuck in Mullingar and all I could think about was Harry.

'It was amazing love,' Harry says warmly. Sighing in relief, I put down the guitar and hug Harry.

'You really think so?' I ask, my voice muffled by his curls.

'Of course. I loved it,' he assures me.

'Good, because I worked on it the entire time I was in Mullingar,' I admit.

'Really? Wow, thanks Ni,' he says, blushing. After kissing me, he takes my hand and we head back down to the picnic blanket so that we can pack up and go home. About half way there, I'm talking with Harry when my foot catches on a root. Tripping, I instinctively cling onto Harry, which, of course, brings him down with me. Fortunately, we land on a soft patch of grass. Unfortunately, Harry is heavy.

'Are you alright Ni?' he asks, his breath tickling my nose. The scent of his breath drives me crazy and I completely forget about the fact that he is crushing me, crashing my lips into his.


Looking up, I see a camera man standing a ways off, his camera aimed directly at us.

'Shit,' I say, sliding out from under Harry. 'Hey! Come back here!' I yell at the man. It's to late however, because he's already gone.

'Shh, it's alright love, we can call management and they'll fix it,' he says, trying to calm me down.

'But what if they can't find out who did it?  What if they can't be paid off? How did they even find us?' I ask, my voice weak.

'It'll be ok. I'm sure managment will take care of it,' he comforts.


The Next Evening

'What?!' Fiona asks, glaring at me furiously. Harry protectively stands in front of me, shielding me from her glare.

'It was an accident,' he says, no trace of fear in his voice.

'This is the second time you two've been photographed kissing, it's unacceptable,' she fumes.

'Well, just pay them off, it can't be that hard,' Harry says.

'Oh really? Well then I suppose you can tell me who took the picture,' she says.

'W-well no. We didn't recognise who it was,' I say weakly.

'Exactly. Now unless we can figure out who took it before it gets published-' Fiona starts to say before Thrasher interrupts her.

'It's too late. The Sun has already posted the picture on their website,' he says, turning his laptop around so that we can see. Sure enough, there's a picture of Harry and me lip locking.

'Look at what you've done now!' Fiona shouts, pointing to me.

'Stop yelling at my boyfriend,' Harry says, stepping forward, so that he's right in Fiona's face. Gulping, she slowly backs up.

'We'll organise an appearance on the Graham Norton show for tomorrow, you can tell them that it was an accident, that you simply slipped and it looks like you were kissing.' Thrasher says, completely ignoring the stand off between Harry and Fiona.

'You think they'll buy that?' I ask, skeptical.

'Of course. They're a bunch of hormonaly crazed teenagers, if you give them hope that you're still single, they'll accept it without question,' Thrasher says.

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