I Wish

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'I still didn't understand why you made me go on this trip,' I say grumpily. I know Harry told me to be nice because Zayn and Louis were excited about spending the day with me but honestly, they didn't seem all that excited about it either.

'We wanted to get some fresh air, experience life like a normal person for a few hours,' Zayn says in response.

'Fat lot of good that did,' I mumble. We'd been stuck inside an H&M for the past few hours because a few girls from the Victoria's Secret next store had recognised us. After that it only took a couple of tweets and about thirty seconds and bam the doors in and out of the store were barricaded with hoards of screaming fans. It's taken Paul and Preston together to hold the door closed as we wait for another set of body guards to arrive with a way out of here. It's been over half an hour and apparently they're having trouble getting to us because the crowd is so big.

'Admittedly this was not the best idea but it wasn't exactly like we had a plethora of options. I mean, there aren’t many places we can go without being recognised.' Louis points out.

'Still,' I say, looking again at the girls by the door. One of them is quite literally crying and the others seem as if they should surely be growing hoarse by now from all the screaming. Looking around, I take a double take as I notice that one guy, yes guy, in the crowd is wearing a shirt that reads ‘I love Narry’ on it. (A/N That’s me btw haha)The fans are turning into a proper mob and I have no idea how I'm going to get out of here without having a panic attack.

'I wish Harry were here. He'd know what to do,' I say grumpily.

'Oh please. You always wish Harry were here. You could be having all the fun in the world and you'd still complaining about Harry,' Louis whines.

'Well you try not being with Zayn for a day and see how you like it,' I say crossly. Then, suddenly remembering that Paul and Preston are in the store with us, I suddenly add on, ‘I mean that…’ Before I can come up with a proper excuse, Paul notices that I’m looking at Preston and him and offers me a smile.

‘We drive you guys, we heard about this months ago,’ he says.

‘What!? Why didn’t you tell me?’ I ask kind of hurt that I was kept in the dark this whole time.

‘You knew?!’ Louis says a little shocked himself.

‘We know everything,’ Preston says, winking at us before turning his focus back to fending off the sea of fans. Sighing, I turn back to Louis and Zayn, mumbling about Harry again.

'It's only been a few hours Niall, you can survive without Harry,' Louis chastises.

'Whatever. A day, a month, it doesn't matter. They're all too long to be away from Harry,' I say sadly.

'That's poem worthy material right there that is,' Louis jokes.

'Oh shut up,' I say, even grumpier now then I was before.

'Hey, only I get to say that to Louis,' Zayn says, jokingly putting his arm around Zayn as if to show ownership. Giggling, Louis turns his head and pecks Zayn on the lips, making sure to hide behind a rack of clothing so that the fans don’t see.

'So about that, how long have you two been together?’ I ask. I never really got a proper chance to ask questions last night and since I’m currently trapped in an H&M I might as well ask them now.

‘Well, we’ve fancied each other for as long as I can remember. We just didn’t have the courage to tell each other about it. We finally told each other the day that you… you know when the thing happened the second time,’ Louis says, ending the sentence awkwardly as if he was scared that he would upset me by talking about my “breakdowns.”

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