Last First Kiss

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A/N LOTS OF IMPORTANT NEWS SO READ! Also thank you for all the support I've been getting! I might start dedicating chapters to people who I think are cool but I'm not sure. I don't think I have enough fans to do that yet so I might hold off and do that in my next book. Which I guess means I should tell you that I'll be writing another book AFTER I finish this one. It's either going to be about a cool angel themed book idea that I had (boy x boy romance still) or more likely another One Direction fanfick in which they're not famous. Either way I'll probably end up doing both eventually but yeah there's that to look forward to. If you want you can tell me which you rather have me do and if I get a lot of votes for one than I'll make sure and do that first. Don't worry though I promise not to rush this one trying to get to those sooner. Anyway, Love you guys and enjoy!


I wake up to find Harry's arms wrapped securely around me. Ahhh, I could get used to this. I turn around and nuzzle my nose into his neck. I think this wakes him up though because a few minutes later he starts to move around.

'You awake?' I ask softly.

'It depend on what you mean by awake,' he answers with his rough morning voice that sends girls (and far too many boys than would care to admit) mad. I decide just to lie there with Harry since I can't think of anything better to do. After a while though, we have to get up because the other boys have made breakfast. When we arrive downstairs together Louis starts to snicker.

'Something funny?' I ask.

'No nothing's funny. Why would something be funny?' he answers acting completely serious.

'Right,' I say glaring at him.

'So what are we doing today?' I ask.

'Well, luckily Simon cleared our schedule so I was thinking that Louis and Zayn could take you shopping while Liam and I go and talk to management,' Harry answers.

Wait what? Harry's not spending the day with me? Does he not like me anymore? Did I do something wrong? What if he doesn't like how I dress and that's why he's having me go shopping?

I push these thoughts out of my mind telling myself I'm just over-reacting. All he said was that he was going to deal with management, he probably just doesn't want to stress me out over dealing with them.

Putting a smile on my face, I say, 'Sounds fun.'

'Well let's get going then!' Louis says excitedly.

Rolling my eyes at his over enthusiasm, I say goodbye to Harry and walk towards the car. As I get in I look back at Harry and he blows me a kiss. I turn around blushing and close my door.

Once we get to the mall, which has to be cleared out so that we can shop without being mobbed, we immediately head to the clothing department. I'm not really interested though because Harry's not here, plus I don't like looking at myself in the mirror. Unfortunately, Louis eventually notices.

'Come on don't you want to pick something out? I bet Harry would love it if you wore these,' he says holding up a pair of ridiculously tight skinny jeans.

Oh please, like Harry would want to see my pencil legs in a pair of those. But since Louis's going to make me pick out something I guess I should go look around. Hopefully, I'll find something baggy to hide my skinniness.

'Nah, I'll go find something better,' I say putting away the jeans and heading off deeper into the store.

I look around trying to find something but I don't really like anything once I try it on. When I look in the mirror at it all I can see is how ugly I look in it. Eventually, I settle on a loose sweat shirt and the baggiest pair of jeans I can find. When I show them to Louis and Zane they're more than a little disappointed.

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