Over Again

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How could this have happened! I can't believe I'm naïve enough to think that the press wouldn't find us. Now I'm stuck running through the streets of London  from a horde of photographers. Luckily though, Harry and I are almost back to the hotel. Just one more block and- ouf.


Well great, I tripped. I look up to see Harry stopped in the middle of the road turning back to help me up. I reach out to him but my thoughts are interrupted by a car horn.

I turn to look for its source until I realise, too late, that it's much closer than it should be. I watch in horror as Harry realises the same thing. Instead of screaming or trying in vain to dodge it, he just looks at me and says four simple words.

'Niall... I love you.'

Then, my beautiful Harry is flung to the ground.

Immediately forgetting about my own pain from the fall, I jump up and run over to him. Bending down, I cradle his head in my arms and check for a pulse. After a few seconds, I feel an unsteady beating.

'Harry? Harry, can you hear me?' I whisper, my voice breaking.

'Harry baby, please, don't leave me. I can't live without you,' I plead, tears falling freely from my eyes.

A few of them land on Harry, and I gently whipe them off, but as soon as I do they're replaced by more as my sobs continue uncontrollably.

In the background, I hear people screaming and the sound of dozens cameras taking pictures, but I block it all out. My only focus is Harry. His eyes are glazed over, and no matter how hard I plead, he won't move. After a few seconds, other people try to touch him but I swat their hands away. It's only a few minutes later when I hear sirens nearby and blue and red lights come into view. Not wanting to let go, I refuse to let the paramedics touch him, and it takes four near-by men to drag me away. Fortunately, I'm allowed to ride in the ambulance since I'm the only person that knows all of his medical information.

In the ambulance, the paramedics measure his pulse and quickly get to work bandaging his head and shining a flashlight in his eye to check for brain activity. I stay seated in the back, not wanting to get thrown out but still watching Harry's every breath.

Finnaly, arriving at the hospital, he's rushed out of the ambulance and into the urgent care centre while I'm told to wait in the waiting room. While I'm waiting, I pace, still sobbing, back and forth until I'm sure my shoes have given out. After what seems like forever, Louis, Zayn, and Liam arrive.

'What happened?!' Liam asks, as soon as he gets into earshot.

'Ha-Harry go-got hit,' I gasp between sobs.

'Well we heard that, but why were you in the street?!' Liam demands, almost like an angry parent who's kid didn't look both ways before crossing the street.

'WehadreporterschasingusLiam! It's notlikewerunoutinthemiddleoftheroadinourfreetime!' I scream before completely collapsing on the floor in distress.

Zayn and Louis try to comfort me, but Liam gets them to leave me alone, knowing I just need time to cry.

What if it is my fault? If I hadn't tripped on that stupidfuckingcurb,Harry wouldn't be hurt.

If I hadn't forgotten to look where I was going, he wouldn't be hurt.

If I hadn't taken so long to realise that the press would find us, he wouldn't be hurt.

If I hadn't made him go out on a picnic, he wouldn't be hurt.

If I hadn't dated him in the first place, he wouldn't be hurt.

If I hadn't joined One Direction, he wouldn't be hurt.

If I hadn't auditioned on the X-Factor, he wouldn't be hurt.

If I hadn't been born, he wouldn't be hurt.

Maybe I should just kill myself so that I don't keep hurting Harry.

'Niall, can you hear me?!' I hear Liam say, interrupting my thoughts.

'Huh?' I reply, confused.

'We've been calling your name for like ten minutes, the nurses say we can see Harry now,' Liam explains.

'Already?' I ask surprised.

'You've been on the floor for two hours, Niall,' Liam says, looking concerned.

'Huh? I just sat down like 30 seconds ago,' I insist.

'You might have passed out or something,' Louis offers.

'Yeah maybe,' I agree slightly worried that I just blacked out for almost two hours.

Walking down the hallways of the hospital to Harry's room seems to take forever. When we finally reach the door, I can barley turn the handle, my hands are so sweaty with anticipation. Inside the room, Harry's arms have a few bandages around them and one of his toes has a cast on it, but I'm most concerned with the bandage around his head.

'How bad is the concussion?' I ask the doctor.

'It's to early to tell. We'll know more when he wakes, which should be any time now,' the doctor informs us.

As if on queue, Harry's eyelashes start to flutter.

'Wh-where am I?' he asks, uncertantly.

'You're in the hospital Harry. You've been hit by a car,' the doctor explains gently.

'Um, okay,' he says, accepting the news calmly.

'We would like to run some test to see if your reflexes are working because you've sustained a concussion. Is that okay?' the doctor asks.

'Yeah, sure,' Harry answers.

Kicking us out of the room to run test before I get a chance to speak to Harry, the doctors start doing all the knee tapping and flashlight-in-the-eye-stuff they do whenever some one gets a brain injury. Fortunately, it doesn't take long and we are let back in quickly.

'So how is he?' I ask impatiently.

'He seems fine to me,' the doctor replies.

Turning my attention to Harry, I almost tackle him in a hug.

'How are you?' I ask, incredibly happy to have my Curly back.

Then my Curly says something, something that breaks my heart beyond that the point that it can ever be fully repaired:  'Do I know you?'

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