Heart Attack

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(I just wanted to thank everyone for the love I got on that last chapter!

I'm also planning on taking a writing workshop at my school, so assuming I get into that, it might help me improve my writing.

Also, I am having a bit of a writers block so I might write Story of My Life for a month or so instead but I'm not sure. Thoughts?)


Just as I say the words, Niall's heart monitor starts to falter. A nurse comes rushing in followed by a team of doctors. A 'code blue' is called and I'm told to leave the room. Looking through the window I see a pair of nurses rip off Niall's shirt and a doctor charge a defibrillator. Suddenly, a wave of nausia overcomes me as I realise that right now, my Angel is about to become an angel for real. Too stressed to talk, cry, or even scream, I stand absolutely still with my eyes locked on Niall.

After almost ten minutes, the doctors finnaly stop charging. Realising that the doctors have given up, I tear open the door just as the doctor announces:

'Niall James Horran, time of death: 04:37, November 4th, 2013.'

Quickly shoving the doctors out of the way, I reach for Niall's hand. Intertwining my fingers with his, I hold on as if he might disappear at any moment. Crashing my lips into his, I put all my hopes, dreams, and love into the kiss.

As I pull away, I command Niall:

'Don't leave me. I remember now, and I love you more than anything in this world. So if you still love me come back. Come back for the band. Come back for the fans. Come back for you mom, your dad, your family... come back for me.'


Well, here I am at the lake again. It's kind of nice to be back, rather peaceful. I float upon its surface without a care in the world. I wonder if this place is heaven? Or maybe it's purgatory. That would explain why I was able to be pulled back out last time.

This time though, I'm not coming back. I've decided that I'm going to keep myself on this lake, even if the doctors somehow save me. I've let go, and with out the will to live, my body is shutting down. I can feel it. As I drift on the lake's surface, the sky seems to grow farther away and my body seems to become heavier. After a few hours, my body begins to sink into the lake. It envelops more and more of me in its cool touch. Its overwhelming peace seems to still my mind, and I continue to let it pull me in.

I welcome its embrace and unless Harry, my Harry, calls me back I'm not leaving. Seeing as the doctors say he's never coming back I don't see that happening.

But as fate would have it, the world seems to disagree with my plans. Just as I'm about to sink below the surface completely and into the eternal abyss, a voice comes floating across the lake.

'Don't leave me. I remember now, and I love you more than anything in this world. I'm sorry, but the path you are headed down is one that I can't follow. So if you still love me, come back. Come back for the band. Come back for the fans. Come back for you mom, your dad, your family. Come back for me.'

It takes almost a full ten seconds for my dulled mind to even realise that its Harry speaking. I want to go into the water so badly now that the urge is almost too much to overcome. I consider giving up but then I remember: I made a promise. I will never leave Harry alone. Never.

Pulling myself up, I follow the voice of my Curly out of the lake one more time. It's like a sheapard leading me to saftey, to life.


I look into Niall's now dead eyes when it hits me. He's never coming back. The doctors pull me away from my Niall, my Angel Face, but I thrash so violently that not even three nurses can't keep me contained. Again rushing to his side, I hold his hand and squeeze with all my might.

Just as I'm about to let go for the last time, I hear a beep. Then another. And another. Looking at the heart monitor, I see small but steady heart beats forming. Looking down at Niall in elation, I see his eye lashes start to flutter.

'You came back!' I say happily.

'I did promise, didn't I?' he says weakly, smiling.


After a few hours of testing and questions, I'm finnaly allowed back in to see Niall. We were only allowed to see each other for a few minutes after he was revived. Walking in, we make eye contact and instantly his face lights up.

'Curly!' he says happily, holding out his arms to me.

I quickly embrace him and pepper his face with kisses.

'I missed you so much,' he says crying happy tears.

'I missed you too, Angel Face,' I reply lovingly.

Behind me, I hear someone cough. Turning around, I see a doctor holding what looks like release forms.

'After observation, we determined that as long as Niall gets a lot of bed rest and doesn't move around too much, he can stay at home. However, I must stress that in my professional opinion, you both need counseling. Especially Niall,' the doctor says.

'What do you mean?' I ask confused.

'I'm not at liberty to give confidential patient details,' the doctor explains.

'It's alright doc, go ahead,' Niall says reluctantly.

'Niall has self inflicted wounds all over his upper thighs and arms. The wounds on his thighs are older, possibly from even a few weeks ago. His record also shows that he was admitted three months ago for comatose due to bleeding caused by self inflicted wounds,' the doctor states.

'He what!' I say enraged, turning to Niall.

'You've been cutting the entire time I was out!?' I say extremely upset.

His face turns red and he looks down in shame.

'I-I couldn't do it Harry. Loosing you was to much,' he says ashamed.

Cupping his face with my hand, I softly kiss his forehead.

'You promised me you would never do it again,' I say saddened.

'I know I did. I tried, I really tried but...' he trails off as a tears slips down his cheek.

'I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to, but I think it might be best if we go see a therapist,' I say concerned.

'I-' Niall starts but is cut off by a commanding baratone emanating from behind us.

'Will go to therapy weather you like it or not,' the voice finishes his sentence.

I turn around to see the most God awful people on the face of this Earth:


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