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(A/N so in this one there a girl names Diana. I personaly think Diana is the worst name for a song that I've ever heard [if your named Diana then don't take offense, I just don't think it's a good name for a pop song] so in this chapter I have a girl named Diana that's a real bitch. Don't hate on me, I like the song, just not the name.

But guys! Tom Dailey is gay [well bi but he's half way there so it's progress]! Yeeeeaaah suck it straight girls [yes I am aware that the majority of my readers are straight girls but this doesn't happen often so let me enjoy my moment.] I knew he was to cute to be straight anyways. Anyway, props toTom.

I also want to THANK YOU GUYS so much for reading, voting, and commenting on my stories, almost 16k reads! :D)


'Excuse me, I just want to make sure I heard that right, did you say that you and Niall are in love?' Graham asks, completely shocked.

'That's right, Niall and I are a couple,' Harry says, putting his arm around me protectively.

'Is this true?' Graham says, turning to me. I smile at Harry, scooting closer and leaning into him.

'That's right. Harry and I are a couple,' I confirm.

'Well there you have it. Niall Horran and Harry Styles. The cutest couple 2013? Only time will tell,' Graham says as the interview ends.

As soon as the cameras stop rolling the audience burst into applause.

'Is that for us?' I ask, surprised by the sudden up welling of cheers.

'I think so,' Harry says, looking at the crowd with a huge grin on his face.

Looking out, I see well over a hundred people, mostly teenage girls, cheer and applaud for me and Harry. Smiling, I take Harry's hand in mine, causing the crowds applause to transform into a thunderous roar.

'We'd better get out of here before we start a riot,' Liam says as the crowd continues to grow louder.

Apparently security agrees, seeing as five bodyguards have already rushed the stage, urging us to head towards the exit.

'Come on Ni, let's go,' Harry says as he takes my hand.

As soon as we clear the doors of the filming studio we're instantly stormed by a mob of screaming girls. Harry quickly steps in front if me, protectively shielding me from the crowd of girls. About halfway to the car, however, a pissed off looking red head slips through security. Quickly walking up to Harry and I, she glares at me before turning to Harry.

'Don't let this fag turn you Harry, I can give you more than he ever could. You don't need to be gay, it's not to late to turn back, this can all be just a phase,' she says, her voice desperate. Before Harry and I even have a chance to absorb what we've just heard, the girl shoves me to the ground. As I hit the ground, I feel my head hit the ground. Hard. Stars flash and my vision begins to narrow. All I see before I black out is Harry turning on the girl and punching her square in the jaw, blood flying from her mouth.


15 Minutes Later

'Ni? Ni are you awake?' I hear Harry's voice say. Slowly turning my head, I try to open my eyes, but as soon as I do the light from the room floods in, causing me to clamp them shut again quickly. 'Hey are you ok?' he asks again woirriedly.

'I'm fine, just got a headache is all,' I respond, opening my eyes very slowly this time.

'Thank God. I was so scared Ni. It looked like you really hurt yourself for a while,' he says.

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