Still the One

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A/N So, people have had an interesting reaction to my past two chapters. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that if I'm going to kill them I'll at least wait until the end of the book so stop freaking out every chapter thinking I just killed Harry and Niall.


'What?' I ask confused.

'Do I know you?' he asks again.

'Harry, it's me, Niall,' I say, startled by his question.

'Niall who?' he asks, even more confused than before.

'Harry, I'm Niall Horan, your boyfriend,' I say, confused by his questions.

'I'm not gay, and I don't know a Niall Horan,' he insists.

'Harry, what is the date today?' the doctor asks suddenly.

'Its the 19th of September, oh dammit I bet that means I missed my X-Factor audition,' he says angrily.(A/N You do not understand how long that took me to find the correct date for that so go ahead and appreciate it's accuracy)

What? Why does he think he has an X-Factor audition? It's been three years since we were on X-Factor.

'Harry, what year is it?' ask the doctor with a worried look.

'What kind of question is that? It's 2010 of course,' he says confused.

2010! Why does he think it's 2010? Oh God I hope he didn't loose his memory.

'Harry, think really hard. Are you sure you don't remember me?' I ask my voice desperate.

'I'm sorry, but I've never seen you before in my life,' he responds after a few moments of thought. 'What's all this about anyway?' he asks.

'Harry, we think you may be suffering from posttraumatic amnesia. It's currently the year 2013,' the doctor explains gently.

'Amnesia! I can't have just forgotten three years!' he says in shock.

'I'm sorry but it's true. We'll need to run more tests to determine the nature of the of the injury, but I think the concussion you received may be affecting your memory,' the doctor says, writing down notes on a clip board.

'Well, what did I miss? I'm sure something's happened in three years. Like, how did my audition go?' he asks.

'Well, actually, you joined a band named One Direction and now your world famous,' I reply.

'Haha, very funny. For real though, what happened?' Harry asks thinking I'm joking.

'He's telling the truth Harry,' Liam says, backing me up.

'Wow really! That's so cool! How famous are we? Am I good? Did I get laid by some hot chicks yet?' he asks excitedly, acting like a 3 year younger Harry would.

It's like he's as immature as when he first auditioned three years ago. His memory loss isn't even what upsets me the most though. When he looks at me, his eyes pass right over me. They used to linger at my face, look into my eyes. Now they're blank. Then he startes asking if he's gotten laid by some chick yet! He's right back to the old Harry who used to sleep with girls like they were disposable napkins!

I can't take it all. I can't loose my Harry. Turning around, I leave the room and run down the hall. Reaching a dead end, I collapse against the wall as sobs wrack my body. After a few minutes, I hear Liam come up.

Instead of saying anything, he just sits down beside me and puts his arm around my shoulder. Not having the strength to keep myself sitting up right anymore, I collapse into Liam's lap. He wraps his arms around me and it helps a little, but I desperately want it to be Harry's arms instead. After almost half an hour, I decide that it's more important for me to support Harry through this than to wollow in my own self pity. Getting up, I walk to Harry's room and brace myself to see him again, knowing he doesn't love me anymore.

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