What Makes You Beautiful

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‘Niall!’ I say. Wrapping my arms around him.

‘Hey Haz,’ he says with a cheeky smile.

‘You woke up!’

‘With a speech like that, how could I resist?’

‘Oh, so you heard?’ I say, blushing.

‘Harry don't be embarrassed. I like you too,’ he says shyly.

‘I know, Liam told me.’

‘Oh, yeah. I guess he would,’ he says gesturing towards his forearms.

‘About that...I need you to promise me never to hurt yourself again because of me, or anyone for that matter. You're so beautiful and the thought of you hurting yourself kills me.’

‘I'm not beautiful Harry. I mean look at me, I'm a pasty scrawny Irish kid that can't even hold a candle to you. And now that I've given myself these scars I look even worse.’

Horrified, I take his face in between my hands so that he has to look at me.

‘Niall James Horran, you are the most beautiful boy to step foot on the face of this Earth. Don't ever say you're not beautiful.’

‘Harry, I'm glad you think so but I'm really not,' he says seriously.

‘Well then, my sole goal in life from this point on is to convince you that you're beautiful,' I respond, determined to fulfil my promise.

‘Well, you certainly have plenty of beautiful to spare,’ he says cheekily.

Just then, as both of us are blushing, the doctor comes in.

‘I'm sorry to disturb you bu-’ he cuts off when he notices Niall is awake.

‘Hey doc. So how long was I out?’ Niall asks, seemingly perfectly awake all of a sidden.

‘Only about 13 hours which is good considering you were in a coma. You appear to be doing really well despite the fact that you were nearly dead not even a full day ago,’ he says.

‘I was in a coma?’ Niall says surprised.

‘Yeah, you lost a lot of blood.’

After a few seconds of uneasy silence the doctor continues, ‘I'm sorry but I have to ask...the wounds looked self-inflicted. Is there someone you need to talk to?’

‘No sir, but thank you for your concern.’ Niall responds.

‘If you need anything don't be afraid to ask.’ The doctor says.

‘I won't. So when can I get out of here?’ Niall asks.

‘Well, once we do a simple physical to make sure your reflexes and body functions are normal you should be free to go.’

‘I'll call the lads while you do that,’ I say.

Niall pouts but lets me leave. Once outside, I call Liam knowing he will be the most anxious to hear about Niall.

‘Yes?’ Liam answers on the second ring.

‘Niall's awake.’

‘So soon? Is he ok?’ he asks.

‘He's fine and they might release him soon actually.’

‘We're on our way then.’

‘Ok see you then,’ I say, hanging up.

I wait outside the room until the doctor comes back out.

‘How is he doing?’ I ask.

‘He looks fine to me. Just be careful because he received a mild concussion from the fall. I doubt anything will come of it but just be aware. I'm also worried that he might do it again if he's not helped psychologically,’ he says.

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