Everything About You

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When I finally feel Niall's lips on mine, I honestly feel like I'm in heaven. At first, it's just a simple kiss, but after a few seconds I feel a hunger for Niall's lips start to burn inside me. I kiss him over and over again with growing passion. I know I said I wanted to go slow and kiss him properly but my God have you seen the boy? We kiss like this for what must have been hours because when I finally pull away I realise that the sun's long since gone down as it's started to fell chilly. I look down at Niall to see that his lips are swollen from our snog and his cheeks are red from the cold.

'You look cold,' I say wrapping my jacket around him.

'N-no I'm not,' he chatters trying to shrug off the jacket. 'Besides, you need to stay warm too.'

'Ni, I'm fine, just take the jacket,' I insist.

'Fine,' he says, begrudgingly putting it on.

'So now do you believe me when I say your handsome?' I ask.

'Well... after that intense of a snog session I guess I must be pretty smokin' hot, seeing as you just practically sucked my face off!' he says sarcastically.

'Good, cause you're Mr. Sex God,' I joke.

'Oh Harry, you're right! I actually do feel more beautiful now!' he exclaims, sarcasm dripping.

'But Niall, I really do think you look so beautiful,' I say more seriously.

'Well, I'm not saying I feel as hot as you or anything but I do know that you must like me a lot if your going to kiss me like that,' he says.

'Well, that's definitely progress,' I say, taking his hand as I head towards the car.

Once we get back to the hotel, we decide to go ahead to bed since it's already one in the morning. As I tuck Niall in and kiss him good night I almost decide to sleep with him. I mean, I know we've only been going out for a day but he just looks so darn cute when he's asleep.

But I, being the gentleman that I am, will simply not be that kind of boyfriend. Slowly closing the door, I make my way to my bedroom and happily fall asleep thinking about Niall. My Niall.



'Hey, Hazyboo. It's time to get up,' Niall whispers softly in my ear.

I smile at the sound of his morning voice, thick with his Irish accent.

'Good morning Ni,' I sigh happily.

'Did you sleep well?' he asks.

'Sure did, but waking up was better,' I tease cheekily.

'Stop it, and get up so we can eat, I'm starvin',' he says.

'Ok, ok,' I mutter.

Down stairs, I see the boys cluttered around the kitchen, doing various morning activities.

'Hey guys,' I say cheerily.

'You guys were out late last night,' Zayn comments.

I look over at Niall to see him staring at the ground blushing.

'Yeah, we had hot steamy butt sex by the lake,' I say proudly.

'You what!' all the other boys say in surprise.

'Who was top?' Louis asks after a second.

I explode with laughter, and after a while my eyes start to water, forcing me to stop.

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