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Watching Harry and Niall together was always so cute. The way they looked at each other when they thought people weren't looking was adorible.

I wish I could have someone like that. I mean, I've had girlfriends before, I just never fancied them much.

Other guys always talked about girls bums and boobs like they cared more about them then the actual girl, that had always discusted me. I mean, girls were human beings, not sex objects. I suppose it's understandable, but I don't know. It's just not for me.

The concert is just ending and Louis and I are sitting next to each other in the limo. Liam's in front of us and Harry and Niall are behind being all lovey dovey. I'm about to tell Louis something when I'm interrupted by a snore. I look over to find Louis asleap. He looks so relaxed and innocent when he's asleep. As the car makes a right turn he sways towards me. His head lands softly on my shoulder but he doesn't wake up. Normal guys might kind of freak out over having another dudes head on their shoulder but I've known Louis for so long that it doesn't really bother me.

Once we pull up to the hotel, I go to wake him.

'Lou... Lou we're home,' I say softly, shaking him.

'Hmm? Oh, yeah, okay,' he says groggily.

'Come on, I'll help you get to your room,' I offer.

'Thanks,' he says, climbing out of the car.

I start to guide him by his shoulders towards the door of the hotel, but as soon as we get out of view of the fans he takes my hand instead so that I can lead up the stairs.

It gives me a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach to be touching Louis. He's such a good friend and it feels good to be close to him... yeah that's it.

Once we get up to our rooms, I lead Louis into his and turn around to leave, when he grabs my arm.

'Can you help me get undressed?' he asks, obviously so tired that he can barley speak.

'Yeah sure,' I say, beginning to undress him.

When I start to take off his shirt, my fingers linger over his bare skin. After a few seconds, I realise that I'm just sitting there with my hands between his shirt and stomach and I quickly blush and resume takeing off his shirt.

'Your blush is cute,' Louis whispers, almost like he's forgotten that he's talking out loud.

'Oh, well, thanks,' I mumble, blushing even more. I know that he only means it as a friendly compliment, but I can't help but let it go to my head.

Once I finish helping him get his pajams, I once again turn to leave.

'Don't leave... please,' Louis whispers softly.

'Umm, sure, I guess,' I say confused, if not excited, about him asking me to stay.

'Oh, well, if you don't want to stay I understand,' he says, sounding more than a little disappointed.

'No, it's not that, I was just surprised that you wanted me to stay is all,' I reply quickly, not wanting him to worry.

I climb into bed beside him and situate myself on the other side of the bed from him, trying to make it as normal a sleeping position as possible for two guys to be in.

Just as I was nodding off, I feel Louis' arms wrap around me and I melt into his form, smilling for some odd reason, to tired to care why.

The Next Morning


I wake up, feeling like something is missing. I reach for Niall next to me but all I feel are empty sheets. Sitting up, I quickly scan the room but don't find Niall. Getting out of the bed and quickly throwing on a t-shirt and some jeans, I make my way to Niall's room. Opening the door, I can't find any evidence that he has slept there or even been in the room at all.

Slightly worried, I decide to check in the main room. Quickly making my way past Liam, Louis, and Zayn's rooms, I finally arrive at the main room. To my amazement, the room is decorated with all sorts of hearts and assorted chocolates. In the middle of it all is a stunning looking Niall, holding a bouquet of red roses.

'Surprise!' Niall says, giving me the bouquet.

'What's all this for?' I ask incredulously.

'Am I not allowed to surprise my boyfriend for no reason?' he asks.

'Well, of course, it was just a little unexpected,' I explain.

'Well, I thought we could go for a walk through that park we passed on the way to the stadium last night,' he offers.

'Sure! That sounds lovely. This is wonderful Ni,' I say warmly, while examining the roses.

After quickly making myself presentable to go out in public, Niall and I head to the park. Once we're there, Niall and I lay out a pickneck blanket and my well prepared boyfriend pulls out a bag of Nandos from the picnicking basket he brought.

'You came prepared, didn't you?' I ask, impressed by his forethought.

'Only the best for my Curly,' he answers, smiling.

As we begin eating our meal, I look over at Niall and can't help but admire how handsom he is. After a few seconds though, he notices that I'm staring and looks up at me with curiosity.

'Whu? Du I have somethin on meh face?' he ask with his mouth full of food.

It's literally the most hysterical thing I've seen in my entire life, and I collapse on the picnic blanket, gasping for air.

'What? Stop laughing at me, its not funny!' he whines, making me laugh even harder.

'I was looking at you because your handsome. Nothing's wrong,' I say, calming down enough to talk.

'So why did you laugh?' he asks.

'Because you tried to talk with your mouth full and it was hilarious,' I explain.

'Oh, well, ok,' he says, embarrassed now.

'It's nothing Angel Face, calm down,' I say, leaning in to kiss him so that he'll calm down.

Just as I'm leaning in I hear a camera snap, then another, and another. Whirling around, I see a mass of photographers parading through the park, emerging from nearby bushes.

'Crap!' Niall and I say at the same time.

Jumping up from our place on the blanket, we immediately start sprinting back to the hotel. Running through the streets, Niall and I ignore the traffic and nearly get hit by a car several times. Finnaly, nearing the hotel, we're crossing the last street when Niall trips on the curb. Stopping mid-stride, I turn around to help him back up, when I hear a horn blaring loudly behind me. I turn around to see a Hummer bearing down on me.

I know its too late to dodge it, so instead I do the only thing that's there enough time left to do.

Turning towards Niall I say, 'Niall... I love you.'

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