Little Things

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‘You’re on in five,’ says Paul handing me my ear piece.

‘Thanks,’ I say putting it in my ear as I walk towards the stage wanting to hear our opening act, The Emos.

As I listen my mind keeps wondering back to Niall and what happened. I mean, who in the hell gets caught staring at their best mate? What if Niall gets freaked out and thinks I'm gay? What if I am?

‘You ok Haz? We're about to go on,’ Louis says coming up behind me.

‘Oh yeah, sorry, I was just deciding which girl I'm going to take home tonight,’ I lie pretending to eye the girls by the stage. Now that I think about it, maybe I just need a hot girl to make me feel better.

‘Well then come on lover boy. We've got a show to put on,’ he says chuckling.

On the way to the stage we meet up with Zayn, Liam, and Niall. We huddle up like we always do before a show, but this time when Niall's shoulders brush past mine I feel a weird tingling where we touch. Wishing each other good luck, we run up on stage with the crowd roaring.


‘How everybody doing tonight?’ Louis says into his mic.

The crowd yells so loud I think my eardrum might burst. As we start our first song, One Thing, I put all my focus into dancing in order to avoid extending my infamous track record of slamming into people. Luckily no one dies and we move on to Live While We're Young. The entire time my mind keeps wondering back to Harry. My thoughts of him make the concert pass quickly. I keep thinking about how soft his curls and how beautiful his eyes looked on the beach yesterday. By this point we are singing Little Things and Harry starts his solo.

‘I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you peeerrrfect to me,’ he sings. His voice was so husky and soft that I can't help but look up. When I do he's staring right back at me. His eyes stay locked on mine as I start my solo.

‘You never love yourself, half as much as I love you. And you never treat yourself right darlin' but I want you to. If I let you knoooww I'm here, for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I, love you. Ohhhh’ I sing my eyes still staring into Harry's.

‘And I've just let these little things, slip out, of my mouth. But it’s you, oh it’s you, it’s you, they add up to,’ we sing together, my heart melting as our voices mix.

‘And I'm in love with you and all your little things,’ we all sing, my eyes still locked on Harry, and Harry on me.


As we leave the stage I frantically search for a good looking girl. The problem is all I can think about is Niall. What the hell was I thinking staring at him like that? Again! He was going to seriously suspect something if I don't act soon. A whorish looking girl, some slag no doubt, walked up to me.

‘Hey, Harry,’ she says.

‘What can I do for you babe?’ I say in the best seductive voice I can muster.

‘I was just wondering if you wanted to show me around,’ she says flirtatiously.

We talk back and forth for about an hour or so until it's time to leave.

‘Come with me?’ I ask reaching out my hand. Usually I can do this no problem but for some reason an overwhelming feeling of guilt washes over me. As we leave I look back and see Niall staring after me, and for a second I think I see a tear running down his cheek.


I can't believe it! After all we've just been through I can't believe Harry would just go off with another girl again. It must just be my imagination tricking me into seeing what I want. What if he thinks I was weird for staring at him and that's the only reason he stared back? But he stared at me first right? Well, he's obviously straight so I must just wasting my time. God dammit. I was really starting to fall for him. I still am. As he walks away I feel a tear make its way down my cheek. Just then he glances back at me with what looks like guilt, but of course that was probably just my imagination too. And then he's gone.

My breaths come out in jagged petrolps and my knees buckle. I hate this. Why would he do this to me? On the verge of completely breaking down I feel a hand on my shoulder.

‘Come on Ni, not here. People are starting to stare,’ Liam says sympathetically.

He's right, I couldn't do this here. I get up and shuffle into the limo with my eyes glued to the ground. Liam squeezes my hand in support as the door closes. Why can't I just fall for someone sweet like Liam? Whenever we touch it was nice sure but when I touch Harry I feel like my skin was on fire. I feel warm and tingly all over. I feel in love, well no, not in love, not yet.

When we arrive at the hotel I go into my bedroom followed closely by Liam. As he comes in he shuts the door behind him. When I'm sure we're alone I let myself breakdown. Sobs wrack my body as I collapse onto Liam.

‘Shhh. It's ok, it's ok,’ he soothes.

‘B-but it-it's not!’ I cry through sobs.

‘Calm down, Ni. Just tell me what happened,’ Liam says in a soothing tone.

‘I can't believe I'm so stupid! I fell for Harry even though I knew he would never like me. I mean look at him! He's probably in bed with that slag right now! I let myself think h-he liked me just because we shared a look for a f-few seconds! I mean can anyone say DESPERATE!’ I scream not caring if the rest of the band hears.

‘Niall, we all saw how you sang to each other. That was a lot more than just a look,’ Liam urges.

‘Well obviously not otherwise he wouldn't be in a girl’s bed right now!’ I shoot back.

‘I'm sure Harry's just confused,’ Liam assures me.

‘How can you know that?!’ I say starting to calm down but still really upset.

‘I know because I see the look in his eyes every time he looks at you. Anyone can see you like each other Niall,’ he insist.

‘I don't think so Liam. If he liked me I don't understand why he would do this,’ I sniffle.

‘I don't know why he's doing this either but I know what I saw. Harry definitely fancies you, whether he knows it or not,’ Liam says.

‘Thanks LiLi,’ I say now exhausted from my breakdown.

‘Anytime you need me I'm here for you  

Ni,’ he says. After a few seconds he gets up and leaves.

So, emotionally and physically drained, I quickly drift into a fitful sleep.


I slowly open the door to our hotel room trying not to wake anyone. I came back early because I just couldn't do it. Every time I kissed her I found myself wishing it was Niall. So when she started unzipping my pants I was disgusted. I left without even doing anything. What a failure I am. I will just have to try again with someone else tomorrow. Making my way to my room and I sink into my mattress wishing I had Niall to hold me. What the hell am I doing falling for my best mate? I just need to try harder, the more girls the better, I'll suffocate whatever feelings I have for Niall with MANY, MANY girls. But even as this thought went through my mind I fell asleep thinking of Niall.

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