Something Great

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'So what do you say?' I ask nervously, watching Mr. Horan closely for his reaction.

'Of course you can marry him!' Mrs. Horan says, butting in. Rolling his eyes,  Mr. Horan chuckles softly.

'I'm pretty sure he was asking me Maura,' he says.

'Well?' I ask again, still waiting for my answer. Sharing a loving look with Mrs. Horan, Mr.Horran smiles widely at me.

"I would be honoured to give you my blessing to marry my son,' he says.

"Thank you so much Mr.Horan!' I say, struggling to keep my voice down so that I don't wake Niall.

"So when are you going to do it?' he asks excitedly.

'I don't know. I haven't even picked out a ring yet,' I say nervously.

'How about when you visit us next month? I would love to be able to see you two get engaged,' Mrs. Horan says, interrupting an annoyed Mr. Horan yet again.

'That sounds like a great idea Ms. Horan. I would love to have you two there. Could you maybe invite my parrents? I kinda want them to see it too,' I say.

'Harry, you know you can call me Maura right? And of course we would love to invite your parents,' Mrs. Hor- Maura says.

'Thank you so much Maura, I can't wait to be able to call Niall my fiancé,' I say happily.

'Call Niall your WHAT?!' I hear a voice say from behind me. Whipping around, I see Louis and Zayn standing behind me.

'You two bloody fucking fools! What are you doing up!?' I shout as softly as I can, still trying not to wake up Niall.

'You're going to propose?' Louis says,  completely ignoring my question.

'None of your business!' I say angrily.

'If your going to propose to my best mate- besides Zayn of course,' he says, sending a sideways glance at Zayn, 'then I need to know.'

'Yes. I'm going to propose,' I admit  reluctantly.

'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!' Zayn says, jumping up and down excitedly with Louis.

'Can you guys quite down! You're going to wake up Niall!' I say, still shout-whispering.

'Sorry, sorry,' Zayn says, quickly quieting down. After a few seconds Louis does the same and they run up to me, still excitedly giggling. 'So when are you going to do it? What kind of ring will you get? What kind of wedding will you have? Where will your honeymoon be?' they ask, bombarding me with all sorts of questions.

'Look, you weren't even supposed to know about it at all so just keep your mouth shut and forget you heard anything alright?' I say,  grabbing their shoulders and turning them back to their rooms.

'Can we at least tell Liam?' Louis asks.

'Absolutely not. No one can know,' I say sternly. 'What are you two even doing up?'

'O-Oh, we were just u-ummmm...' Louis starts to say.

'We just happened to get hungry and get up for a midnight snack... at the same time,' Zayn finishes.

'Yeah,' Louis says awkwardly.

'What's up with you guys lately?' I ask. These past few months they've been acting so strangly. They're always creeping around at strange times and sharing odd looks. 'You two arn't planning something are you?' I asked skeptically.

'Planning something? Why would we be planning something?' Louis says quickly, glancing over to Zayn.

'Lou, don't you think we should just tell him?' Zayn says slowly.

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