Chapter 25

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  • Dedicated to Emma, my sister

•Chapter 25•

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

"Thanks guys. It was sort of fun." Mia said as she hugged me.

We stood in front of Mia's house in Boston. She was going home.

"It was so dangerous though!" I said.

"Yeah. That's why I'm leaving. And I won't tell anyone. I promise."

"What're you going to tell your parents?" Navi asked.

"I'll say I slept over Lyn's house. She'll cover for me if my parents ask which they won't because they're lazy and don't give a shit."

We laughed.

"Okay." She climbed the first step of her porch. "Stay good to each other. And don't die please."

"No promises." I smiled.

"Come back and visit even though we aren't your real family."

"You are though."

Mia smiled. "Thanks again. I'll tell my parents I ran into a bookcase." She gestured to the cut on her neck. "And Zelda, good luck."

"With what?"

"Everything. And don't ever be alone, Zel. It's dangerous to go alone." She smiled then walked into her house.


Back in Hyrule, Link and I walked along a path in the far west of Hyrule. We had been walking awhile. I was getting tired and it was getting hotter.

"The desert is this way." Link said.

Finally, we came to a chasm. It was huge. And with no way across it. The bridge was broken.

"Goddesses dammit." Navi muttered.

I walked over to the edge and looked down. There was a river at least a mile below.

"Damn this is deep." I said. "Do you think we'll make it if we jump?"

"No way." Navi said.

"I think we're gonna have to try." Link said. "I don't see any other way."

"We could call for help!" I suggested, very proud of myself. I began to open my mouth to call for someone (I could see a fortress on the other side), but Link suddenly clamped his hand over my mouth.

"Are you crazy?!" Link hissed.


He took his hand away from my mouth. "If the Gerudo find us, we're dead. Especially me."

"Why especially you?"

"You'll figure it out. We have to jump. I'll go first."

Link backed up several feet then sprinted towards the chasm. I watched with bated breath. When he got to the ledge, he launched himself into the air and just barely made it. He grabbed onto what was left of the bridge on the other side.

"Zelda!" He yelled. "Jump now!"


"You won't make it the whole way! You'll need to grab onto me!"

I backed up farther than Link had done. I sprinted as hard as my legs could carry me. When I reached the edge, I pushed off and lunged for Link.....and missed.

"Link!" I screamed. He let go with one of his hands and grabbed my wrist. His face was scrunched up as he struggled to hold onto me.

"Zelda!" He gasped. Beads of sweat began running down his face.

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