Chapter 26

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•Chapter 26•

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

"Link?" I called as I crawled through the hole.

I stood up and dusted my knees off. I looked around. Where the hell was he?


"There!" Navi cried.

I looked down at around the entrance to the temple. Link was lying face-down on the ground. "Link!" I cried.

I dashed down the steps. I ran over to him and knelt down. My heart thumped hard as I flipped him over.

"He's alive." I breathed. "How do we wake him up?"

"Splash water on his face."

"That's a great idea except I don't have any water!"

"Well, I don't know. Smack him."

"Please don't." Link croaked.

"Oh my goddesses! Link, what happened?"

Link groaned and sat up. "It was Nabooru, damn her."


"We heard this crash outside and I swear I heard someone laugh. I was about to go check it out when she jumped me. She hit me on the back of the head with something. She didn't come after you?"

"No, Link. She was kidnapped."

"Wait. What?"

"I was on the hand of the statue of the girl, the really big one that we're in right now. And I saw Nabooru. She was getting sucked into a mini black hole thing and these witches were flying around her. They were the ones kidnapping her. Apparently Ganondorf needs her for something. She screamed for you to run."

"But that doesn't make sense." Link said. "She knocked me out like one minute before that."

"Maybe," Navi cut in, "by 'Link' she meant Zelda. She must've known somehow that you could hear her. So, when she was talking, she was talking to you."

"But...why knock me out?" Link asked. "Why not use Zelda's name?"

It clicked. "I know! If she used my name, they would've come after me. They are looking for me. She knocked you out because she knew you would've gone after her to save her like the hero you are. Amaya told me not to take on the Twinrova by myself. You probably wouldn't have been able to do it. She was protecting us, or, you."

"The Twinrova? That was the Twinrova?" Link asked incredulously.

"Why? Have you heard of them before?"

"I've heard they're the fire and ice witches who created Ganondorf."

"'Created'? Like they're his moms?"

"I don't know! I don't want to know about their sex life! I just tell myself they used magic to create him."

I sighed. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going deeper into the temple. We need to awaken the sage." I stood. "Navi. Locate another door if there is one. The other way is a dead end."

"Can I get a please? I'm not your servant."

"Navi. Please do it."

"Yep." Navi sighed. "Wait, how would I know if there's another door?"

"How about," Link stood and stretched, "Behind that big black rock?"

I followed his gaze. There was a square opening in the wall but a big, black square rock.

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