PART 2: Chapter 11

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•Chapter 11•

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

11:00 pm

I yawned. "So, where's our first stop?"

Link glanced over. "I'm starting to regret this. I'm worried you'll get hurt."

"Pssh. Where are we going that's so dangerous?"

Link sighed. "Boise National Forest, Idaho."

I laughed. "Wow! I'm so scared!"

"It's where the Forest Temple is. Our mission is to travel to all the temples and awaken the sages. Simple."

"So, how are we supposed to get there?"

Link thought for a moment. "Are you hungry?"


"Are you hungry?"

"Um, no. Why?"

"I don't know. We should stop somewhere for the night."

"Can it be somewhere not in the city? They'll find out I'm missing soon and send out people."

Link rummaged through a small pack attached to his belt. He pulled out a blue ocarina.

"How did that fit?"

"You can fit whatever you want in them. They're magic."

"Of course."

Link put the instrument to his lips and began to play a simple, yet playful, three note song.

A voice suddenly filled my head. It sounded like a young girl's.

Link? Is that you? Are you okay?

"I'm okay, Saria." Link said quietly. "Where are you?"

I'm scared, Link. I was so stupid. I think I'm dying. Help me, Link! Help me!!

"Saria!" Link sounded so pained. "Please tell me where you are. I need to help you!"

The Forest Temple. Hurry, Link!

"Give me the warp song for the forest. I'll be able to help you faster!"

A song echoed through my head. I watched as Link fell silent. His face screwed up in concentration, memorizing the song. The song ended.

You're too late, Link. I'm too far gone.

"No! Don't say that! We'll make it in time!"

Goodbye, Link.

The voice left our heads. Link looked at me with fear in his eyes.

"Who-who was she?" I asked tentatively.

"An old friend. And old friend that needs our help." He grabbed me and pulled me close. His arm wrapped around me as he muttered, "Hold on." and began to play the song the girl had taught us. I wrapped my arms around his stomach. Not sure what to expect.

Suddenly, green light filled my vision. I felt small. It felt windy and I felt like I was getting wrapped up and pulled apart at the same time. I was breathless. Then the feeling stopped and my feet found solid ground again. The green light faded from my eyes.

Link staggered against me. I felt dizzy.

"Woo!" Link laughed. "We just warped to Idaho!"

"What?!" I looked around. We stood in the middle of a forest. We also stood on an octagon-shaped stone platform that was one foot off the ground. It had a weird symbol on it that reminded me of wind. "How?"

"Magic." Link said simply. I smiled. Suddenly, Link let go of me and stopped smiling. "It's been so long since I was last in these woods."

"You've been here before?"

"I was raised here." He said quietly. "This part was part of a bigger forest but it's been cut down. It was called the Kokiri Forest and the part that we're in was called the Lost Woods."

"When was this?"

"Like, thousands of years ago."

"Oh yeah. You time traveled."

"Yeah. God, I missed this place. How about you, Navi?" He pulled off the hat on his head and Navi flew out.

"Finally!" She cried. "I hate being around civilization!"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Do you see where we are?"

Navi fell silent. "Yes." She said quietly.

"Good." Link reached into his pack and pulled out a quiver full of arrows and a bow. He held them out to me. "Here."

I blinked. "What?"

"You need a weapon and you take archery, right? You can use this."

"Okay." I put the quiver on.

Link pulled out a small purple tube that had a black handle on one end and a metal arrow head attached to a chain that wrapped around the middle on the other.

"A hookshot." He explained. "Let's go help Saria."

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