Chapter 4

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•Chapter 4•

Friday, May 11th, 2013

10:30 pm

"Zelda. Zeeeeelldaaaaa." Mia snapped her fingers in my face.

"What?" I was pulled out of my reverie.

"C'mon. Focus. I've almost got it."

We were in Mia's bedroom. I was tutoring her. She was having trouble in math.

"Right. Sorry."

"You were thinking about the boy, weren't you?"

"No. Focus, Mia."

"Wanna stay over night?"

"No thanks. Not tonight."

Mia pouted. "Fine. Have fun walking home in the dark in the city."

"That's not as big as a threat that you think it is. I live a block away."


Gripping a switch blade, I walked as fast as possible down the block. When I'm older I'm so moving to the country.

I held my breath every time I walked by an alley. A nervous habit of mine- not breathing. I didn't want to make a noise. I didn't puff out my cheeks or anything. I just held my breath.

"Hey pretty thang." Someone called. I glanced behind me. Two men, that were clearly drunk, were following me. I was so close to home too. "Where you goin'?"

All of a sudden, a third man walked out of an alley. He blocked my path. "C'mon. Lets just fool around. Me and you."

"I warn you." I hissed. "I'm armed." I pulled out the switchblade. I turned and faced the other two. One armed teenage girl against three unarmed men. I could handle this.

Suddenly, one of them grabbed me from behind, forcing my arm down and covering my mouth. He squeezed my arm so hard, I was forced to drop the knife. I kicked and pummeled him. The other two walked over and helped him force me into the alley. They were running their dirty hands all over my body and searching my pockets.

Tears began running down my face as I struggled. I kicked over a garbage can, hoping to make as much noise as possible. I was screaming now, the hand blocking the noise.

"Let her go, you vile pigs." We all froze and looked at the end of the alley.

It was the boy. And he looked murderous.

"I don't know if you heard me. Let. Her. Go." He advanced towards us, pulling out a beautiful sword with a blue hilt.

"What're you gonna do 'bout it?" one of the greasy perverts demanded.

"Kill every single one of you."

They scoffed and one them attacked the boy. The boy easily fought him off and in seconds pervert #1 was on the ground, knocked out cold.

"Next." Was all he said.

They dropped me and ran for the boy. I grabbed a trash can lid and dashed towards the fight. Right before I hit one of them, however, he collapsed and so did the other one. I dropped the lid.

"How did you do that?"

"Are you okay?"

"But, how you're so-"

"Are you hurt?!" he shouted.

"I'm FINE!"

"Oh-KAY!" he turned and started walking down the street.

"Wait! Where are you going?"

"You told me to stay away from you. So I am." He continued to walk away.

"No! Wait!" I started to run to him but I tripped over the perverts and pain shot up my ankle. For some reason, this caused me to start sobbing.

The boy turned and his eyes widened. "Oh my goddesses." He dashed over and gripped my shoulder. "What happened?"

"I twi-twisted my an-ankle. I-it doesn't even hurt tha-that badly. It's just that.... I tripped and twisted my ankle and I was almost raped and I was so mean to you and you're the Hero of Time with the Master Sword and I don't even know what that even means and the Seven Sages......" I gasped for air. "What does that mean?!"

And then, for some reason I passed out.

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