Chapter 27

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•Chapter 27•

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

After a day's rest, we were on our way to the Temple of Time.

"Why are we going there again?" Link asked. "I wanna kill Ganondorf!"

"Link. Call it women's intuition. I feel like we should go there. It holds an answer. Then, after that if you wish, we will go after Ganondorf."

Link sighed. "I guess it couldn't hurt."

"Wasn't asking for your permission."

We had arrived at the gates outside the Castle Town. We clambered over the ruins of the bridge.

"Ready?" I asked. "One, two...."

"Three!" We dashed into the square, covering our ears. I even screamed for as long as possible, blocking out any sound. We made it to the Temple without problem.

I looked over in the corner where we had been last. There was dry blood on the floor. I grimaced.

"What now?" Link panted, looking around.

"I don't know. I have an idea but it's stupid and dumb. Give me the medallions please."

Link dug them out of this pouch. He handed them to me. It took a lot of balance. There were six of them and they were slippery. I dropped the Forest Medallion with a clang.

Holding them as tightly as possible, I walked over to the pedestal in the middle of the room. It had the Light symbol on it.

Suddenly, the medallions burst into colored smoke. They began to swirl around me.


The smoke was spinning faster and faster and faster. An invisible force caused me to hold up my left hand. The Triforce glowed on the back of it. Only the bottom left part of it was filled with light.

Link was looked at me, amazed.

Light shot up around me in a complete column. I closed my eyes. Warmth filled my body and a tingling sensation was all over me.

Then the light faded.

I opened my eyes. I felt....different.

"Zelda." Link breathed. "Oh my goddesses. You''re beautiful!"

I looked down and gasped. I was wearing a skirt. The skirt was light pink and it was trimmed with dark pink. The dark pink was the color of the shirt I was wearing. Under the pink shirt I was wearing a sleeveless light pink turtle neck with dark pink trim. It was opened in the front. My pink shirt was tucked into my skirt in the front and untucked in the back. That would've looked horrible if it weren't for the golden belt. Hanging from the golden belt was a blue tabard with a red trim and symbols on it. My gloves were a light pink. I was wearing gold shoulder armor carved with loops and swirls. They were attached together by a gold hexagon shaped necklace on my chest that had the Triforce on it.


"You've been awakened." Navi explained. "You've been awakened as the princess."

I touched my face. "Link, give me your shield!"

Link handed over the Mirror Shield. I took it and looked at my reflection. I gasped.

My hair was waist length and curled at the bottom. Two strands hung in front of my ears. My ears were pointed like Link's. Triforce earrings were in them. My eyes had mascara on them and my lips were a beautiful shade of red. I had a golden laurel wreath of sorts on my forehead. It had a red ruby in the middle.

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