Chapter 19

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•Chapter 19•

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

My eyes snapped open. Where was I?

I figured it out rather quickly for being as disoriented as I was. I was floating over the Great Fairy's Fountain. For some reason, I was wearing a ragged white dress and my sword was now in a sheath strapped to a rope belt around my waist. I could tell that my neck had been flopping to the side because now my neck was extremely stiff.

Link was standing at the edge of the fountain. Light was coming out of him this time and into me. He looked confused but I was gaining strength.

When the light stopped, I felt powerful again. Then, the force holding me up disappeared and I free-fell into the fountain. Somehow, I didn't break every bone in my body. It only stung.

I picked my head out of the water just as Link got to me. He pulled me up and hugged me.

"Oh my goddesses, Zelda. Don't ever do that again!"

"I saved your life. So I'll do it as many times as possible."

What I did was gave Link the magic part of my soul to heal him. My body had been placed in the Great Fairy's fountain for Link to find. The Great Fairy had wanted entertainment and also wanted to see how far we would go for each other. How much we were willing to sacrifice. Me, giving my soul. Link, probably, searching all of Hyrule.

"How long has it been?"

"Seven days." Link said. "I searched all of Hyrule for you. I would've come sooner if Navi had remembered to tell me the useful info of you going to the Great Fairy's to find something to heal me before you disappeared." He let go of me and glared at the pixie.

"It's okay, Link! In fact, guess what! I have magic now! And I have a sword and the goddess crystal thingies!"

"You can use magic, now?" Link asked.


"That explains a lot."


"Well, your hair is longer and blonder, well, not now. Your hair is wet. Your eyes are like, bluer, and you just look prettier and more.....alive."

"Oh. Thank you?" I laughed and hugged him.

"I missed you."

"I missed you more." I pulled away and looked at him. He was looking so much better than when I last saw him.

I pulled him down into a kiss. He wrapped his arms around me and held me there.

Navi coughed. "We have a mission!"

"Navi, shut up." Link said.

Then he kissed me again.


Zora's Domain was beautiful. Sparkling water with cliffs and beautiful waterfalls. Except....everything was frozen.

"Is it supposed to be frozen?" I asked.

"No." Link frowned. "Where are all the zoras anyway?"

He began walking up a cliff path. Navi and I followed.

"Hey Link." Navi said. "Remember the last time we were here? Ruto totally had a crush on you."

"I thought she hated me."

"That was until you saved her from that monster."


"Yeah. If you marry her you could rule over this beautiful place."

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