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Made For You | BOTW Link x Reader by -hylianqueen
Made For You | BOTW Link x Readerby s a m
"You will aid the hero during his journey in defeating Calamity Ganon." That was the order that was given to you by goddess Hylia. Although the goddess had fir...
The Chosen Hero's Goddess (Skyward Sword Link x Reader) by TheBlueBassoon
The Chosen Hero's Goddess ( Attracted to Lamps
Long ago when Hylia and Demise raged war against each other, Hylia's little sister, Delphi fought along side her to help defeat Demise. But many millennia later, what wi...
A New Addition  [BOTW x Reader] by Ggnata-C
A New Addition [BOTW x Reader]by LumesLux
Your playing botw in your room when suddenly you end up getting sucked in the game?! Go on amazing adventures and maybe fall in love oh ho ho! This takes place after Cal...
The Origin of a Champion by HylianAtHeart
The Origin of a Championby Hylia's Hot Mess
Many see him and think he is simply a talented individual who hasn't seen a bit of struggle or a hard day in his life. Everyone knows of Link, the Hylian Champion who wi...
The Best Knight? (Link x Reader) by HarmonySoul
The Best Knight? (Link x Reader)by Harmony
"The title of Best Knight will be mine and I will do anything and everything to take it back." -Link "You don't deserve that title. Not after everythi...
Breath of the Wild College AU fanfic │Thinking About You by Finnclarkson
Breath of the Wild College AU Nebulace
Link is the star athlete of Hyrule University and Zelda an exceptional scholar. They should be focusing on school and sports, but they keep getting distracted by each ot...
Hero of Hyrule by Binge_Gamer
Hero of Hyruleby binge
A betrayed Champion returns home.
A Couple of Trials (ZeLink) by Kenlair
A Couple of Trials (ZeLink)by Kenlair
After having defeated the Calamity and reliving the harsh realities of their past thanks to Maz Koshia and his trials through the Champions Ballad, Zelda demands that Li...
Legend of Zelda ONESHOTS! (read des.) by showozuku
Legend of Zelda ONESHOTS! (read keira
second story on my page!
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! X Reader One-Shots by TattletailPasta
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! X ❦~𝐃𝟒𝐃𝐃𝐘-𝟏𝟓𝟓𝐔𝟑𝟓
I, TattletailPasta, will be writing you some one-shots, about various scenarios of you and your Super Smash Bros crush!
Link X Reader One-Shots (DISCONTINUED) by ThatSleepyBoi
Link X Reader One-Shots ( Cloud
--update: Occasionally going through and editing out some of my awful grammar and just making it more readable.-- I've no more inspiration/motivation for this story. I t...
ENA's Random Dump by -E_N_A-
ENA's Random Dumpby 🎀『𝓔𝓝𝓐 』🎀
"Salutations! Here is where I will be writing to my heart's content!"
Mute - Zelink Modern AU by LegendOfZelle
Mute - Zelink Modern AUby Shine
Link is known to be a man of few words. In this case, it is completely true. He has been mute since he was very little, no one knows why. As you can probably expect, oth...
My Champion | Revali x Reader by sfreptilian
My Champion | Revali x Readerby Mimi Rose (Meme)
With Link and the Champions in a deep slumber in the Shrine of Resurrection, Zelda is forced to call upon the help of her cousin from a distant kingdom. What happens whe...
A Much Needed Hero by HappyLlama160
A Much Needed Heroby HappyLlama160
Zelda is a lonely junior at Hyrule High School, and she is constantly a victim of Ganondorf and his gang's bullying. Link is a popular basketball player who everyone wa...
CHAMPIONS by ourprecioussushi123
CHAMPIONSby smol fish
The Champions, from The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild have discovered a new feature on the Sheikah slates, The online conversation add on!!! But really, what could...
Before the Calamity by KorinnaHazelWrites
Before the Calamityby Korinna Hazel
Princess Zelda and Champion Link must work together to defeat the upcoming calamity. Though tensions run high and the princess despises her knight, the two form an unex...
✣ ᎾᏁᎬ-shᎾᏆs/ ᏒᎬᎪᎠᎬᏒ ᎥᏁsᎬᏒᏆs ✣ [Requests Open!] by Wabbajackle
✣ ᎾᏁᎬ-shᎾᏆs/ ᏒᎬᎪᎠᎬᏒ ᎥᏁsᎬᏒᏆs ✣ [ 🌙✨DreamCatcher✨
I'm back, and ready for your requests during this quarantine! I want to write some oneshots for Bill Cipher, so tell me if you guys would like that! As always, requests...
Sidon x Link Fanfic by FeijoaIce
Sidon x Link Fanficby Triangle
This story will contain profanity, kinky stuff and smut and I recommend playing the game first before reading this so you can actually understand it, just as a warning...
Sidon X reader ONE SHOTS by GroovyS
Sidon X reader ONE SHOTSby GroovyS