Chapter 1

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•Chapter 1•

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

11:30 pm

Geeks. That's all we were. We get it. Why did the world have to remind us? I mean, I don't think we're popular. So, why remind someone something that they know like the back of their hand?

"Yo, Zel. Pass the-"

"Don't call me that!" I cried

"Sorry." My friend, Mia, said. "What am I supposed to call you? Birthday girl?"

I glared at her.

My birthday was in less than thirty minutes. We had this tradition that if it was your birthday, you had to invite the four others in our group over for a sleepover during which we stayed up until midnight. Now, it was my birthday so this party consisting of Mia, Lynn, Mary, Nicole, and I, was taking place in my basement, the TV blaring a movie and our sleeping bags and food spread all over the floor.

Basically, we were all foreigners with American names. Our real names remained a secret so no one could tease us into suicide or something.

Nicole's real name is Ninian. Mary's is Mist. Lynn's is Lyndis. Mia and I had almost normal names so we kept them.

But where were we from? Where would they name children these things?

Lyn was from Norway. Ninian was Welch. Mist was Scandinavian. Mia was Australian. I, however didn't know where I was from. Every time I asked my mom, she said she didn't remember. None of us remember though. We were all babies when we moved to Massachusetts.

"Zelda is fine. Not birthday girl. Not Zel. Not Zellie. Just Zelda." I flipped open my DS and started playing the game on the inside.

"Okay. Fine. Pass the chips Zelda." Mia flipped her blue hair over her shoulder. Yes, blue. Another tradition of our group: we dyed our hair. Except for me. Mom never went for that. Mist never dyed her hair either. Her older brother, Ike, did though. She just kept her hair mousy brown.

"Can't. I'm about to fight the boss."

"You and your video games." Ninian smiled and turned on the movie.

"Ew." Mia said, looking at the title of the movie, "Titanic, really?"

"Yes." Ninian sighed dramatically. "It's so romantic."

"It's kind of lame." Lyn said.

"I agree." Mist said, continuing to sketch in her book.

"Lets talk about boys." I said to change the subject. I didn't even look up from the boss battle.

"Is your brother still single?" Mia said, looking at Mist.

"I think it's gross how you have a crush on my brother."

"Why? Ike is so sexy."

"EW!" Mist threw a small pillow at her.

"Hey." Lyn said "It's Zelda's birthday. I say we keep the attention on her. So, Zelda. Any boys?"

I glanced up. "No. No boy would ever like me." I rolled over onto my stomach and smiled. "After all, Stephanie has been so kind to remind me I'm a total geek."

The rest of them laughed.

"Ssh." Ninian said suddenly. "The movie is starting."

"Even though this movie sucks," Mist said, "Leonardo DiCaprio is so hot."

"Oh so Mist isn't a lesbian." Mia joked.

Mist rolled her eyes. "We've gone through this. Just because I'm not interested in any boys in our school doesn't mean-"

"Yeah, yeah."

"I'm interested in blondes." I spoke up. Mist needed a break.


"Yeah. Blondes with blue eyes."

"Like you?"

"Shut up."

"I think it's sweet." Ninian spoke up. "Like a prince or hero from a fairy tale."

"Yeah that's what I need." I muttered. "A hero from a fairy tale."

"Hey!" Lyn said suddenly. "It's midnight! Happy 17th birthday, Zelda!"

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