Chapter 20

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•Chapter 20•

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

I didn't want to think about Link's question. I wanted to believe I was safe with him. Was there anywhere safer?

We decided to search for Ruto at Lake Hylia. Apparently, the last time Link had gone looking for her, he had found a note from her at Lake Hylia. Maybe we'd find another one.

We walked along the shore of Lake Hylia. It was practically drained. There was an island in the middle with a single, dead tree.

I put my hand over my eyes to shield them from the sun. "I don't see anything....."

"Neither do I." Navi murmured.

"I do." Link said, suddenly.

"What?" I turned to him and saw that he was looking at an old house on the shore of the Lake. And old man was hobbling towards us, dragging a chest behind him. "Who?"

Link ran over to help with the trunk. He took it from the old man and led the old man over. The closer he got, the stranger he looked. His face reminded me of a goat's with out the horns. He was hunched over and in blue and white robes.

"Um, this is Lake Hylia's marine biologist: Dr. Mizumi." Link grunted as he put the trunk down.

"Hello!" Navi and I said in unison.

"Hello. It's quite an honor to meet the Hero of Time and his beautiful companions." Dr. Mizumi wheezed.

"Oh, thank you!" Navi said.

"You're too kind." I added.

"You're a very lucky young man." Dr. Mizumi turned to Link.

Link snorted. Then he noticed us glaring at him. "Yeah. It's a picnic." He cleared his throat and looked at the trunk. He nudged it with his foot. "What's in the trunk?"

"Ah. I was told to give it to the Hero of Time. By Princess Ruto." The doctor explained. "She said you'll need these for the water temple."

Link knelt down and opened it. "It's clothes and boots." He said, clearly confused.

"There's a note!" I said. I picked it up and read,

"'My dearest Link, these are water tunics. I packed one extra in case you destroyed one as I expect you to do. The boots are iron-toed. They make you sink in water. Which won't be a problem if you're wearing the water tunics. Their magic makes you able to breath under water and be able to resist the pressure of deep depths. The entrance to the water temple is under the island in Lake Hylia. The Serenade of Water will transport you to the island if you should ever need that. I wrote the song below.


I looked up. "So yeah."

"How's Navi supposed to breath?" Link asked.

I pointed a finger at Navi and focused on my magic. I imagined bubbles. Suddenly, Navi was in a bubble of air. "That's how."

"Thank you, Dr. Mizumi." Link shook his hand.

"I'm glad to help. If you need anything let me know. Food? Water? Shelter? Please do not hesitate to ask."

"Thank you so much!" I said.

Dr. Mizumi smiled and huddled back to his house.

I turned to Link. "Okay. Let's change into these tunics." I reached into the trunk and pulled out a blue tunic. It would probably be like the red tunic: too big. I pulled off my dress even though Link was standing right there.

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