Chapter 6

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•Chapter 6•

Saturday, May 13th, 2013

12:30 pm

Once I came around, I found that I was back in my bed. I went downstairs to find Link. I put my ear up to the door first do I don't walk in on him. And because I was nosy.

"I'm positive, Navi. She faints every time I mention something from her past."


That sounded so familiar. I was feeling woozy but I refused to faint this time.

"I- I guess she has to be the princess." A small, high-pitched female voice said.

I opened the door quickly and gasped. A small blue ball of light with huge insect wigs was fluttering in front of Link , who was sitting on the couch.

"Zelda!" Link gasped, grabbing his hat and pulling it over the blue light.

"Who the hell are you?! What the hell was that?!"

"It, well, it was a fairy."

"I-I don't believe you."

"Yes you do. You just don't want to."

"Who are you?!"

"Sit down."


"It's going to be hard to believe."

"Try me."

"Okay. Um, I'm from your past. When you were about ten, a very evil man took over the place where you are the princess of. It's called Hyrule. Your nanny, if you will, sent you forward in time about a few thousand years. In seven years, I was tasked with getting you because I'm the Hero of Time. Your, and Hyrule's, protector. I have to bring you back and kill the evil man. But, this is very sad for me because I, well, fell for you pretty hard. And now you don't even remember me. So instead of two tasks, kill the evil guy and be your protector, I have another one: building our relationship back to what it used to be. Where are you going?!"

I opened the door. "You're a freak. And you're scaring me. Leave before tonight. I'm having a sleepover." I slammed the door.


5:30 pm

"I'll make keep my distance. Say I love you and you're not listening." I sang. I heard the doorbell ring.

"Zelda!" Mom yelled from downstairs. "Lynn and Mia are here!"

"Okay!" I got off my bed, not looking up from my phone. I dashed downstairs and opened the door. "Hey!" I smiled.

"I brought brownies!" Lynn held up a pan with tinfoil on top. We had this other tradition that we all brought snacks of some sort except for whoever was hosting. Whoever was hosting had to order the pizza.

"I brought chips and salsa!" Mia held up the bag.

"Okay. Go downstairs." I said. "You know the way. I'm gonna go grab pizza menus and possible movie, board game, and video game options. Cool?"

"Yeah. Cool." Mia said as she and Lyn grabbed their bags and food and walked over to the staircase.

After I collected the necessary items, I walked over to the stairs just as Mia ran up.

"Hey. You didn't mention we'd be having one extra! He's so hot!"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Um, Link. That's what he said his name is. Weird name. And ears. Do you think that was a birth defect?"

"He's still here?!"

"Yeah. And he's just sitting down there in a t-shirt and boxers."

I pushed past her and ran downstairs into the basement. I stared at the room.

Lynn and Mia had put their stuff on the floor in front of the TV. Link was sitting on the couch, laughing at something Lynn said and, yes, wearing a green t-shirt and long, gray boxers. His blonde hair was pulled back into a small ponytail.

"I thought I told you to leave!" I said angrily.

"I was going to, but your mother insisted that I stayed. Plus, she got me some clothes. They're very comfortable."

"Those are boxers, you idiot!" When he looked at me in a confused way, I added, "Underwear!"

"Oh, what's the harm?" Lynn demanded. "He's awesome!"

"Yeah." Mia added. "I don't mind." She was looking him up and down.

"Knock, knock." Someone said. Ninian and Mist had arrived.

"Who's this?" Ninian asked.

"He's not staying." I said. "Don't get too comfortable with him."

"Zelda has decided that she hates him," Lynn informed them, "Even though he's awesome, funny, nice, and pretty damn cute."

"I-I don't hate him. He's just-rrgh- he says weird things to me, and I don't like it and-"

"Link." Ninian spoke up. "Don't say anything weird to Zelda, okay?"


"Problem solved."

"No. You don't understand. It's not-ugh whatever. He can stay."

"Yay!" Mia clapped. She pulled Ninian and Mist forward. "Link, this is Mary and Nicole."

"Oh no secrets!" Lynn said. "He can know our real names. He won't tell anyone!"

"Okay! Well, Nicole's name is Ninian and Mary's name is Mist. Lynn is Lyndis." She proceeded to explain why we had secret names.

"Oh." Link said. "I think those are lovely names."

"Aw. Well, aren't you sweet!" Ninian said. She shook his hand. "Mist, don't be rude. Come say hi."

Mist held out a shaky hand. She was blushing profusely. "H-hi."

Link shook her hand. "Hey."

"Okay." I said, looking at Mist's blush. "Let's start the game."



We had been playing video games in our pajamas for an hour and Link was already killing us.

"Jeez." Lynn said. She was so good at this game, she could play it upside down, which was what she was doing, hanging upside down, her head hanging off the couch. "Are you sure you've never played this before?"

"I'm just now getting over the amazement of this technology." He said, killing Mia's character.

"Wow." Mist said breathlessly.

"Yeah. He's just amazing." I muttered.

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