Chapter 18

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"The turtles escaped!"

"John, they are fucking turtles! They're slower than your five hundred-year-old phone!"

"First off, my Nokia is very nice and you are mean for making fun of it. Second, what I meant was the turtles are gone!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I went to the bathroom for less than five minutes, and when I came back all ten of them were gone!"

"Was the tank still there?"


"How does that even happen?"

"I don't know!"

"Wait, why am I here?"

"So you can help me find them!"

"John, do you know how hard it is to find turtles? Especially since their tank is untouched which proves that they didn't crawl out!" John rubbed his face in frustration.

"Alex, listen, we need to find these turtles. Please?"

"Fine, but Herc and Laf are helping." John nodded and called Hercules and Lafayette over.

"How are we going to find these turtles?" Hercules said, wrapping his arm around Lafayette's waist.

"I think we should go and look in our dorm, maybe someone took them and put them there," Alexander said, looking up at John.

"That's a good starting point, let's go." They all began walking towards Alexander and John's dorm. John unlocked the door, and they began to look for the turtles.

"Let's face it, the turtles aren't in this room," Lafayette said, crossing his arm across his chest.

"Hold on, I think I found something." The group gathered around Hercules, who seemed to be holding some sort of note. He cleared his throat and began reading it.

John -

Come to the Starbucks near the library. Order a venti black coffee under the name "Bob."

- M

"Who the heck is 'M'?" Alexander said, glaring at John. John shrugged, feeling just as confused as everyone else.

"Should we listen to them?" Hercules said, his eyebrow raised in confusion.

"I say we should." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement with Lafayette, and the made their way to Starbucks. They entered the store, and John walked up the counter. He ordered the drink and brought it back to the group.

"It says 'drink it' on the cup." Hercules pointed out.

"I'm not drinking it, black coffee is disgusting," Lafayette said, and Hercules and John nodded in agreement. Alexander snatched the drink out of John's hands and smiled.

"Well, I love black coffee, so I'll drink it." The boys watched as Alexander drank the coffee in less than two minutes. He set the cup down on the table, wiping the excess coffee off his mouth.

"How did you do that?" John asked, staring in shock at his boyfriend.

"Skills," Alexander said, crossing his arms in success.

"Wait, why did you even have to drink that?" John asked, and Hercules opened the cup to find a piece of soggy paper at the bottom. He slowly picked up the paper, trying to decipher the words that were on it.

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