Chapter 6

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okay y'all so i know this chapter is probably historically inaccurate between Alex's relationship with his mother but I'm just telling y'all so you guys don't comment about in the comments (where else would comment idiot)

"Jefferson! Hamilton! In the hallway, now!" Mr. Washington shouted, his face slightly red from shouting at the two boys. Thomas and Alexander walked into the hallway, occasionally shooting glares at each other.

"This is all your fault." Jefferson sneered, leaning up against the wall.

"No, it's not."

"Yes, it is."







"Boys! Stop shouting!" Mr. Washington yelled as he separated from each other.

"Now, I want each of you to calmly tell me what had possibly caused you two boys to fight. Mr. Jefferson?" Mr. Washington said, his arms across his chest.

"I was just calmly debating with Alexander, and he accidentally got too offended by a little something that I said," Thomas smirked, twirling his hair in his finger.

"And would you care to tell me what Mr. Jefferson had said, Mr. Hamilton?"

"He called my mom a whore. He called her a whore! All she ever did was take care of me, and you call her a whore? How dare you! You're-you're disgusting!" Alexander screamed, tears running down his face. "I hate you!"

"Alexander, please calm down!" Mr. Washington pleaded, but it was too late. Alexander and Thomas had already started beating each other up. Mr. Washington ran into his classroom, deciding that he needed help. Alexander screamed as Thomas flipped them over so that now Alexander's small frame was shoved against the wall.

"Listen to me, you disgusting immigrant, I want you to know that all the people who you think are your friends, hate you. I guess your father, the one I found in your files at least, made the right decision. He left you. Just like everyone else will." Thomas said, grabbing Alexander up by the shirt so that his feet weren't touching the ground. "Even your boyfriend, John."

Alexander yelled as he fell to the floor, his head throbbing. He watched as a blurry Aaron ran out of the classroom, shaking his shoulders, screaming for help. He watched Thomas run down the hall, his hair bouncing.

He watched an ambulance drive into view.

He watched a heart monitor go up and down.

He watched a doctor screaming for help.

He watched everything go black.

He watched nothing.


"Like I was saying, Mr. Laurens, he just lost a lot of blood, but otherwise he is going to be fine, I promise. You could go in and see him if you would like." John nodded, slowly getting up from his seat. He flashed a small smile at Eliza, who he did not expect to cry as much as she did when they heard the news. John quietly opened the door to Alexander's room, not wanting to cause any disturbance.

"Alex? Are you awake?" He asked, sitting down in a chair next to the bed. He watched Alexander's eyes flutter open, and he blushed when he saw the small smile that had spread across the other boy's face.

"Yeah. I'm awake."

"How are you feeling?"

"Kind of yucky. Can I ask you something?"

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