Chapter 7

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okay so there is a ship in this chapter that I haven't seen any other writers use, but I thought it would be cute cause they are both cinnamon rolls. I'm also sorry if the pov's change a lot during this chapter, I just wanted to write a bunch of different stuff. If you have any questions about the book feel free to comment

Eliza tied her hair back, walking out of her dorm building. She made her way to the law building as Alexander had left behind a pair of glasses a couple days back, and he had asked if she could bring them to him. She stepped into Alexander's classroom and looked around only to see a student sitting by himself, reading a book

"Um, hi, do you know where Alexander Hamilton sits?" Eliza asked the boy, making her way towards him. He coughed before responding.

"He actually sits right next to me."

"Oh, well, I have to give him something, do you mind if I sit here while I wait for him?"

"It's fine. James Madison, by the way."

"Elizabeth Schuyler."

"You have lovely eyes, Miss Schuyler."

"Oh my, thank you so much, but please do call me Eliza." Eliza blushed, and turned away from James, not wanting him to see her red cheeks.

"What are you reading?" Eliza asked when she was sure that she had stopped blushing.

"Common Sense by Thomas Paine. That guy's so cool, I'm so happy that we go to the same school."

"Oh, my sister adores Common Sense. It's so nice to see student's work becoming popular, you know?" James nodded, and he turned to look at Eliza, who was already looking at him. They locked eyes for at least five seconds before turning away from each other, their cheeks rosy. A few seconds after, Alexander walked into the classroom, talking to Aaron. James and Eliza laughed at how Aaron just kept nodding his head at Alexander's endless supply of words.

"Eliza! Do you have my glasses?" Alexander asked making his way towards the pair.

"Of course I have your glasses. Why else would I be here?" Eliza laughed.

"I don't know, maybe to chat with Mr. Madison here, hm?" Alexander teased, and both James and Eliza turned red. Eliza quickly got up, gave Alexander his glasses, and left the classroom without another word.

"Does little Jemmy have a crush?" Alexander laughed, poking James.

"Shut up."

"Ha! I knew it!"


"You do like her! Finally, my ship is sailing."

"Wait, you shipped us?"

"Yeah, I mean, why not? You're both tiny cinnamon rolls, so it's like the perfect match!" James groaned as Alexander began to talk about the most pointless things, like how Lafayette's hair was always perfect or how Maria and Peggy, strangely enough, weren't together yet. Soon enough, the class was filled up, which cued Mr. Washington's entrance.


Eliza rushed to her class, her cheeks still rosy from what Alexander had said. Sometimes she just wanted to punch that boy in face, but she was usually able to restrain herself.

"You are late, Miss Schuyler."

"So sorry, Mr. Shelley, I was just dropping something off for a friend." Eliza rushed to her desk, sitting down, embarrassed. She sighed, not able to focus on the class, as she kept thinking about James. She ran her fingers through her hair, as she did not enjoy having a crush.

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