Chapter 3

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"A-and then, T-Thomas walked a-away." John told the story of what had happened yesterday to rest of his friends. They were all laughing their heads off, except for Aaron.

"Dude, do you know what you just got yourself into?" Aaron asked, turning to face Alexander. He shook his head, his laughing coming to a stop.

"Thomas Jefferson is horrible, man. You know Sally Hemmings? She was the top of her class and part of a sorority, and one day at a party she, uh, 'does it' with Thomas, and he ended getting her pregnant. She had to leave school and he never talked to her again. Thomas ruins people's lives, man." Aaron ranted. John turned to look at Alexander. He expected him to look somewhat worried, but was shocked that the boy didn't look even close to scared.

"I don't care. Thomas Jefferson is coward and he hurts people to rise up, but I'm not letting him get in my way. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving." Alexander said, walking out of the room. Lafayette snickered at his sassiness towards Aaron.

"Aaron! Why did you do that? You made him upset!" Angelica said, her hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry I was just telling the truth! He talks to much anyways, he needs to learn how to shut his mouth and bit his tongue."

"Burr, you disgust me. You really expect someone not to get upset when someone tells them that they shouldn't have stood up for someone who was being catcalled? I don't understand how you've read Common Sense by Thomas Paine because common sense is something you are lacking! Eliza, Peggy, Maria – let's go." Angelica said, fuming. The girls all got up and made their way out of the cafeteria.

"You've really messed everything up now, haven't you?" Hercules said, slightly laughing. Aaron shot him a glare before he stormed out of the cafeteria. The three boys looked at each other in silence, before they exploded with laughter.


"Um, Angie, I'm going to go see if Alex is okay." Eliza said, as she waved goodbye to the three girls and made her way to Alexander's dorm. She walked towards the door, her hands sweaty as she knocked on it. There was no response, and so she tried to open the door herself. Strangely enough, it was unlocked. Eliza stepped into the room, and gasped and what she saw in front of her.

A beaten up Alexander.

"Oh my goodness, Alexander! What happened? Are you alright?" She said, quickly rushing over to the boy who was lying on the floor. He looked up at her. Tears were falling down his face, and his nose was bleeding.

"I, uh, got in a fight with this guy Charles Lee or something." Alexander mumbled, as Eliza wiped the blood off his face with a tissue. She shook her head when she heard Charles's name. She hated Charles. The boy was nothing less than a troublemaker, and he was a coward. His habit of catcalling every girl he saw got on her nerves. But no matter how much she hated Charles, he somehow ended up in all her classes.

"Why Alex? What did he say?" Eliza asked, throwing the tissue away.

"It's embarrassing," Alexander mumbled, his cheeks beginning to flush.

"No, tell me."





"Fine, I'll tell you! He, um, he said that he thought that John was hot, and I, uh, got kind of jealous?" Alexander said quickly. Eliza covered her mouth and began to laugh.

"Y-you like John?" She asked, giggling at the boy's flushed cheeks.

"Yeah, I guess."

"You're in luck, then. John is almost as gay as Maria is lesbian."


"Yeah, no one can beat Maria's gayness level. Oh, and here's a tip: John likes being the dominant one." Eliza said, and Alexander's quickly turned a dark shade of red.

"E-Eliza! I d-did not need to k-know that!" Alexander stuttered, his cheeks still as red as a redcoat's uniform. Eliza was laughing hysterically, and Alexander couldn't help but join in, as her laugh was very contagious.

"Well, I've got to go, Angelica's waiting for me," Eliza said and hugged Alexander a goodbye. She left the room, leaving Alexander alone. The more time Alexander sat alone on his bed, the more frustrated he got. He needed to write something, and now. But whom should he write about? Charles Lee? No, that would cause another fight. Thomas Jefferson? No, the idiot doesn't deserve the attention.

After five more minutes sitting on his bed, Alexander decided that he was going to write something about John Adams, the president of the debating club. He opened his laptop, going onto Tumblr. Alexander cracked his knuckles and began to type.

An open letter to the fat



National embarrassment

Known as President John Adams (shit)

The man's irrational.

He claims that I'm in league With Britain in some vast international intrigue?

Bitch, please!

You wouldn't know what I'm doin'

You're always goin' berserk

You never show up to work

Give my regards to Abigail

Next time you write about my lack of moral compass

At least I do my job up in this rumpus (oooh)

That line is behind me I crossed it again

While the president lost it again

Aw, such a rough life

Better run tell your wife

That the boss is in Boston again

Let me ask you a question.

Who sits At your desk when you're in Massachusetts?

They were calling you a dick back in '76

And you haven't done anything new since

You're a nuisance with no sense

You'll die of irrelevance

Go ahead, you can call me the devil

You aspire to my level

You inspire to malevolence

(Say hi to the Jeffersons!)

And spies all around me

Maybe they can confirm

I don't care if I kill my career with this letter

I'm confining you to one term

Siddown, John, you fat motherfucker!

Alexander hit enter, smirking. He knew how to make John Adams cry like a baby. The man was way to attached to his girlfriend, Abigail, whom he called "wifey. John Adams never showed up to any debates leaving his "best bud" Thomas Jefferson in charge. Alexander slammed the computer screen down, and looked at the time one his watch, only to see that it was already 1 am. He scratched his head, wondering where John was. He shrugged the thought of the boy out of his mind and walked towards his bed. He curled up under the covers, closing his eyes.

"Goodnight, John, wherever you are." He whispered.

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