Chapter 27

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"Don't answer that." John heard Alexander's faint whisper come from the other side of the bed.

"What?" He questioned, turning to look at his boyfriend.

"I said don't answer that door." The knocking persisted, and John shook his head. He stepped onto the carpeted floor, tugging down his sleeves.

"It's probably someone just asking for directions."

"John, please don't answer the door, please!" Alexander cried out, and John turned to look at him. Tears were dripping down his face.

"Okay, I won't answer." John raised his eyebrow in confusion, but he still got back under the covers.

"Thank you."


The sun made the back of John's neck heat up, and he wrapped his scarf tighter around it. His hands tugged on the straps of his heavy backpack, and he sighed in relief when he reached the cafe.

John sat down in a booth next to the window. He pulled out his laptop any began to work, his fingers suddenly stopping at the sound of a familiar voice coming from the end of the cafe.

"Oh, but surely he wants the job, Father." John's jaw dropped at the sight of Violet and her supposed Father, sitting in the booth in the corner. He began to listen to their conversation, trying not to look obvious.

"Yes, I believe he does. And I thought that after we got rid of his other option, he would accept."

"There is something holding him back, I know it."

"But what could it be, my dear Violet?" John watched Violet's mouth open, but her eyes suddenly glanced at him, and she shut her mouth. John quickly looked away, but she had already seen him. Muttering to himself, John packed his things and quickly left the cafe, glancing one last time at Violet to see her whispering something in her father's ear.


Lafayette sighed, throwing the broken hair tie back in the garbage bin. He bounced his hair, finding it amusing that he looked like Jefferson when his hair was down.

"Laf, are you ready?"

"One moment, Hercules." He finally tied up his hair, sighing in relief.

"Let's go," Hercules said as Lafayette opened the door, and he quickly put on his shoes, slipping out into the hallway.

"What are we going to say to them?' Lafayette whispered to Hercules as they stood outside the Schuyler sister's door.

"Comforting words, Laf, we've been over this."

"I know, I just feel so bad for them I feel like I won't be able to talk." Hercules shot him a smile of sympathy before knocking on the door.

"It's open." The heard Peggy's quiet voice from inside the room, and they opened the door exchanging nervous glances.

"Peggy," Lafayette said gently, and he heard her voice come out of a corner of the room.

"Hi." She muttered, and the two boys rushed to her, wrapping their arms around small body.

"Pegs, we are so sorry," Hercules whispered, and Lafayette felt his heart swell at how gentle he was being. Peggy sniffled and wiped the tears that flowed down her face.

"How did it happen?" Peggy blew her nose into another tissue before speaking.

"He died in his sleep."

"Oh, well that's not so bad," Lafayette said.

"He died because he was poisoned." The room was quiet, and Lafayette and Hercules looked at each other.

"He was what?"


"B-But that makes no sense."

"What makes no sense is how a fifty-year-old man who is completely healthy just dies. So they obviously performed an autopsy on him, and they found hemlock in him."


"It's a plant. Mother did say that he eat a salad before bed, but she didn't even make it."


"Do they have any idea who did it?"

"No, not a clue. Mother says he just came home and said she wouldn't need to cook dinner because he got a salad."

"But can't you tell when someone has been poisoned?"

"Hemlock's symptoms appear thirty minutes after they are eaten, and dad when to bed around thirty minutes after he ate that salad."

"Didn't he feel the symptoms as he was going to bed?"

"When someone eats hemlock, their muscles start to hurt, but dad already got lots of cramps in his muscles. He died in the early morning, but at least that's what mother says."

"Well, I hope they find out who did it." Lafayette was still trying to process the information Peggy had just given them.

Who in the world would possibly want to kill Philip Schuyler?






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