Chapter 12

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TRIGGER WARNING: people in this chapter are made fun of for being transgender, asexual, and a stripper. Please do not joke about these things in the comments. I know I suck at writing these but I'm just warning you guys up ahead. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me.

"You what?" Maria said, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"I found him! Get everyone to come here, I put him in a trash can." John snorted, pulling out his phone to text everyone. Everyone got in the small alley after about five minutes, everyone looking slightly confused.

"Is there something you four aren't telling us?" Lafayette said, resting his head against Hercules's shoulder.

"Peggy found Thomas." Alexander blurted out, not able to contain his happiness.

"Jefferson?" Alexander raised his eyebrow at the look of panic that crossed James's face, but he ignored it.

"Yeah. Could you take us to him, Peggy?" She nodded, and let them to a dead end in another alley. She approached the trash can at the end, opening the top. A tall man popped out, his hair messy and his clothes covered in rotten food.

"I can't believe you threw me in there." Thomas sneered, not noticing the group of people to his left.

"Thomas, you're, like, nine inches taller than me, and I'm not dying anytime soon."


"Dick head." Aaron cleared his throat, making sure the two didn't get into a fistfight. Thomas turned around, and his eyes widened when he saw everyone.

"What the hell are they doing here?" He screeched, grabbing Peggy's shoulders and shaking her.

"Hey, get your hands off my girlfriend," Maria said, wrapping an arm around Peggy's waist protectively.

"Where have you been?" James asked, a look of fear still on his face.

"Uh, France."

"France? Without me?" Lafayette shouted, his hands on his hips.

"Why the hell would I bring you? What do you guys even want from me?"

"Well, for starters, you made me end up in the hospital. And now that I know where you've been, we are all going to talk to the head of school." Alexander said, a smug grin plastered on his face. Thomas threw his head back in laughter, and the group stood there, confused.

"Wow, Alexander, I had absolutely no idea you were so funny! But you see, you can't exactly do that."

"And why can't I?"

"Because I know some of your secrets."

"Don't," James said, his hands trembling.

"Oh, don't worry Little Jemmy, I think I'll start with someone else. Lafayette, maybe?"

"Oh, sure, like you know anything about me."

"C'mon, Lafayette, we both know you're hiding something. From Hercules." Thomas chuckled as a Lafayette's eyes widened with realization.

"Thomas, no. Please, don't tell him."

"And why not?"

"We won't tell the head of school, just please don't tell him."

"Actually, I think I will. It's pretty funny, actually. Anyways, Lafayette's a girl."

"No, I'm not!" Lafayette screamed, but Thomas continued to talk.

"You think her name is Gilbert? It's actually Gisela. And below that shirt? Breasts. And under those pants? A vagi-"

"Stop!" Lafayette screeched. He fell to the floor, his body shaking as he sobbed heavily.

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