Chapter 28

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Alexander sighed, leaning back in his chair. He had reread the email so many times that he had it memorized. He fiddled with his fingertips, shifting as his stomach churned.

Alexander knew that Philip Schuyler had something to do with this. He had tried to push the idea away by sleeping with John, but it kept invading his thoughts. He heard a faint knock at the door, and Lafayette and Hercules walked in.

"Hello," Lafayette said, lying down on Alexander's bed.

"Hi," It was a mere whisper, but Alexander was feeling too dizzy to concentrate on his friend's words.

"We just visited Peggy."

"What did she say?"

"She just told us how her dad died."

"Didn't he die in his sleep?"

"He was poisoned." The word grasped Alexander's brain, and he quickly turned in his seat.

"Excuse me?"

"Peggy said that he came home with a salad, ate it, and died later on in his sleep."

"You've got be fucking kidding me." Alexander felt sick to his stomach. He had prayed that the man was just sick or even old, but he was poisoned. Fucking poisoned. Alexander rush out of the room. This was his fault.

It was all his fault.


"It's the Winters Ball tomorrow night," John said, swinging his arm.

"I know," Alexander muttered. He seemed to be very distracted by something.

"Wanna come with me?"

"Of course, you're my boyfriend." John smiled and wrapped his hand with Alexander's.



"What's wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you seem very 'off' today. Is something bugging you?"

"What? I'm fine! Absolutely fine!" Alexander said, pulling his hand away from John and wiping the sweat on his jeans.

"Okay, I was just asking."

"Well, I'm fine, so you don't need to worry." John glared and Alexander as they made their way into their dorm.

"Hey, Alex, you've got an email," John said, glancing at Alexander open laptop. He began to read the email out loud, sitting down on his bed.

"Dear Mr. Hamilton, my daughter and I are emailing you in regard to the message you sent us just the other day. We want you to know that if you do not join our company, we will make sure to k-"

"Stop!" Alexander shouted, immediately slamming down the lid of his laptop.

"What?" John said, standing up.

"You weren't supposed to read that!"

"What the hell was in that email, Alexander? What are you hiding from me?" John shouted, towering over Alexander.


"Are you fucking cheating on me?"

"No, I would never do that!"

"Then what did that email say?"

"It's private!" Alexander screamed, now face to face with John. John was fuming. His relationship with Alexander was rarely filled with secrets. They always shared everything with each other, and so Alexander's behavior was making him very suspicious.

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