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Happy, Gray, Erza and I couldn't help but stare at Natsu. He was hunched over in his seat and looked pained and sickly. Every few minutes, Natsu would let out a pained groan. 

"Who would have thought that Dragneel had motion sickness?" Gray asked in astonishment. Erza shook her head in an awed look.

"That's why we always walked," Happy said in surprise. He didn't know about his motion sickness?

Natsu tried to growl, but stopped when it looked like he was about to throw up. "Poor Aki," I said. I looked over at Erza and Gray, who sat across from Natsu, Happy and I. "Will it help if he lies down?" I asked.

Gray shrugged. "I don't know, but I'm sure he won't let anyone touch him right now."

Erza nodded again. "If someone does, I am sure he will harm once he's off the train."

I gave them a disapproving look, but said nothing. Turning my attention back to Natsu, I called, "Aki." He didn't respond to me. Sighing, I roll my eyes. "Happy," I said. "Can you go sit with ERza and Gray?"

"Aye," Happy said. He quickly sat down next to Erza and Gray.

Grabbing on Natsu's arm, I pulled on him a little. He resisted, but it was very weak. I made him lay down with his head on my lap. "Does that make you feel a little bit better?" I asked quietly. His only response was a little nod. I smiled at him. He sighed a little and got into a more comfortable position. Looking up, I saw Erza and Gray with eyes wide as saucers. "What's wrong?" I asked.

They shook their heads. It was a bit of an awkward silence but Erza quickly broke it. " So how long have you known Dragneel?" She asked.

I started stroking Natsu's hair while I thought. I met Happy and Natsu at Hargeon and left for Fairytail that same day. We arrived at Fairytail the next day. I was at the guild for three days. Then we went on the Everlue mission. It took two days to get there since we walked and two days to get back to the guild. We left the same day we got back so that should add up to eight days. "Today should be the eighth day I've known Aki and Happy," I responded. 

Their eyes widened. "But you came to the guild seven days ago," Gray protested. 

I nodded. "Yep," I said. "Aki and Happy brought me to Fairytail," I explained.

 "WHAT?" They yelled.

Happy and I jumped a bit, which made Aki give a groan of protest. I settled down and said, "Sorry, Aki." Stroking his hair again, I smiled at Erza and Gray. "It's actually a funny story. I was in Hargeon and fell for a love charm. Luckily, Aki and Happy broke me out of it. Aki then beat up Bora and Happy fell asleep. Aki was going to wake him up but I protested. Then I followed Aki while carrying Happy so I could get some sleep. Later, Happy woke up and told me that they were in Fairytail. I admitted to having wanted to be in Fairytail for a while, so they let me come along." 

They nodded. "That makes much more sense," Gray said. I rolled my eyes. "So Erza, what's this job about?"

Erza suddenly turned serious. "I'll start from the beginning," She said. "I was at a pub where mages go to trade information. While I was there I heard a group of men talking about unsealing something called Lullaby. One man, Kage I believe, told the other men to go back to Erigor. He said he would be able to unseal by himself." 

"It must mean that Lullaby is pretty bad if they have to unseal it," Gray said. 

Erza nodded. She suddenly became angry. "If only I had remembered his name that day, I could have dealt with this then," Erza yelled.

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