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                             ~ Natsu's P.O.V. ~

Erza better take care of her. I ran through the corridors of the train station looking for Erigor. I stopped suddenly. I left Lucy with that Kage guy. I shook my head and started running again. She said she and Erza would take care of those guys.

"Dragneel," I heard Gray yell.

I inwardly sighed. What does he want? Instead of finding out, I continued to run. I turned another corner. I ran past room after room without stopping. I knew no one was in those rooms because of my heightened sense of smell. I ran down another hall, but stopped when I saw that there were two halls. I sighed again. Now I actually have to wait for Gray.

"Dragneel," he yelled again. I glared at him. He flinched and stopped a few feet away from me.

I felt a little hurt. I continued to glare at him. He looked anywhere but at me. I sighed in irritation. Not gonna look at me, huh? "I'm going this way," I said. I turned and started running.

"Wait," he said. My eyes widened and I stopped. He's actually going to talk to me? "Why are you so soft on Lucy?"

I walked through the woods to get to the town Everlue is in. I heard her breathing hard, but she was  still having a conversation with Happy. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that she was struggling. She was already pretty far behind, but didn't complain. With a frustrated sigh, I stopped. When I gave her a piggyback ride, she thanked me. She thanked me. She even tried to get to know me. It felt nice being relied on.

My mind jumped to another interaction.

I glared at her. "I knew you wouldn't be able to complete even a simple job like this," I hissed.

I saw her eyes widen with hurt. She looked down at the book. "Then," she whispered then cleared her throat, "Then let me read it right now and we can burn it after," she said confidently. She looked at me and smiled.

I knew I'd hurt her, but I was frustrated. She won't do the job. I was initially shocked by the smile, but I didn't let the distract me. I glared again. "No," I growled. "Stop being a bother and give me the book you useless woman." I knew that was harsh, but I had to get my point across.

I expected her to get angry or cry. I expected her to yell at me or call me mean, rude, or horrible. I did not expect her to flinch. Her eyes snapped shut and she took a step back. She started trembling in fear. My eyes widened. I didn't want a reaction like this. I just wanted the stinkin' book.

"Hey," I called.

She flinched again and dropped the book. She held her arms up as if she was protecting herself. She took another step back. "I-I'm sorry," she stammered out.

It was then that I realized she wasn't talking to me. She was talking to someone in her past. I was shocked. This stubborn, cheerful girl was mistreated as a kid.

I didn't even realize that Happy was talking to her until I heard a laugh, but it was obviously fake. I looked at Lucy again. Her smile was fake too, but it seemed so practiced. Why would she have to practice smiling?

"Don't worry, Happy," she reassured. "It's nothing." It was a lie. It was so obviously a lie. Why is she hiding it?

Something similar happened when we got back to the clients house. I didn't cause it this time though. She still smiled and acted like nothing happened, but why?

"That annoying woman needs someone to protect her," I finally said without looking at Gray. I then start running. I run down every hall, but no one is in any of the rooms. I do smell the shadow guy following me though, so Irun into the last room in the hall and turn to the door. "Come out," I commanded.

A giant shadow came into the room. Then Kage slowly came out of the shadow. He was smirking. "I finally get to beat you. That'll shut that stupid blond up," he said. His shadows suddenly launched at me.

I engulfed myself in flames, and the shadows near me vanished. His eyes widen when I appeared a few inches away from him. I growled and punched him in the face. He flew through a few walls before finally stopping. I walked over to him and glared down at him. "She's not stupid, you fool," I grounded out. He groaned in pain. I picked him up by the collar. "Tell me where Erigor is."

He laughed. "He's already gone. He's been gone for a while now."

I growled and punched him again. "Dragneel," I heard Erza yell. I glared over my shoulder at her. "Don't hurt him."

My glare intensifies as I turned to her. I saw Gray with her, but no Lucy. I glare at her again. I knew I shouldn't have trusted them. I was about to turn on Erza when I smelled Lucy and Happy in the other room. I turned my attention to the hole in the wall and watched as Lucy came into the room with Happy in her arms. That cat is getting lazy.

"What's going on?" Lucy asked.

I'd like to know the same thing. I stared at Erza for an explanation. She seemed to shrink a little under my gaze, but explained anyways. "Kage is a dispeller. We need him to dispel the wind barrier that's around the station so we can get out."

We suddenly heard Kage yell out in pain. We turned our attention to Kage and saw him slumped to the ground. One of the men from his guild was staring at Kage with a guilty look. He was also shaking uncontrollably.

My eyes widened a bit when I realized what happened. He tried to kill his own guild mate? Why would he do that? I don't really have any attachments to the guild, but I still wouldn't kill them. I quickly grabbed him and pulled him out of the wall.

Gray grabbed him and punched him as hard as he could. "Why would you do that? He was your guild mate! He was your family!" I stared at Erza for an explanation. She seemed to shrink a little under my gaze, but explained anyways. "Kage is a dispeller. We need him to dispel the wind barrier that's around the station so we can get out."

He looked like he wanted to kill the man, but restrained himself. Erza was desperately trying to wake Kage up, but he was too injured. I looked over at Lucy and saw the horrified look on her face.

"Woman," I called. Lucy looked at me. I stared at her for a bit. Then I motioned with my head to come to me. She obediently followed my orders and came to me. That's one thing I like about Lucy. She usually follows my orders without question or complaint. When she does, it turns out to be a good thing. We would have burned that book and never known how important it was. I don't care about final words because he's still out there. He hasn't said his final words yet. I'm going to find him. I only care about what he's going to say.

Lucy stood beside me without a word. "Can one of your spirits get us out of here?" I suddenly asked her.

She looked at me with a bit of surprise. She sighed and shook her head. "I don't have a spirit that could get us out of this situation." She looked upset, but didn't voice her thoughts.

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