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                                            LUCY'S POV.

"I know those marks!" Sherry exclaimed. "They're from Fairytail."

"I understand now," bushy brows added. "The village petitioned them for help."

"What are you waiting for then? Eliminate the village," Reitei gave the order. My eyes widened. Why does he still want to destroy the village? He knows that we're the intruders!



"Intruders and those who plot with them are all declared our enemies." Reitei explained.

"Why?" Erza demanded further explanation.

"Dang it!" Gray yelled as he ran past us and towards the enemy. "Stop this half-baked ceremony right now!" He furiously slammed his hands on the ground. Ice shot up from the ground and headed toward Reitei.

"Ice?" She shouted in disbelief.

Reitei held out one hand and with the same as Gray, sent his ice towards his enemy. 

"He makes ice too?" The blue feline questioned.

The two waves of ice collided and stopped each other from going further. They had nowhere to go but up, with that, they created what looked like a  giant field of ice crystals. Once the two ice users abated pumping magic into their attacks, the field crumbled.

Both men gazed at each other for awhile. Do they know each other?

"Lyon," Gray started. "Do you have any idea of what you are doing?"

My eyes narrowed. So he does know him. How close were they for him to be ale to distinguish who he was just by hearing his voice?

Reitei let out a laugh. "It's been a long time, Gray."

"You know that guy?" I inquired. If they are acquaintances, why is Reitei- no, Lyon- doing such horrible things while Gray is trying to stop him?

"What?" Happy frowned. The poor fella, his mind is probably fuzzy from the whole situation.

"What's the meaning of this?" Gray asked angrily. At least, he didn't know of the plan.  I felt Natsu nudge me back a bit. Is he trying to get between the enemy and I?

I was brought out of my thoughts when Lyon spoke again. "The mages the villagers petitioned to get rid of this couldn't be you, could it?" He queried. "Did you come here on purpose, or, is it a coincidence/" He smiled at Gray. "Not that it matters," he added.

"Reitei knows these people?" Bushy brows asked in surprise.

Lyon turned his attention to dog ears, bushy brows and Sherry."Carry out my orders," he commanded. "I can handle things here."

"Yes sir," they nodded, turned and started to walk away.

"I won't let you get tot he villagers!" Erza declared as she began running.

"Erza, wait! Stop!" Gray yelled out desperately.

"What?" The red-head asked. Magic swirled around her.

I stood up to help her. Natsu wrapped one of his arms around my waist and pulled me to his chest. "What are you doing? We need to help Erza." I was frantic.

"There's nothing we can do right now." Natsu told me. "If we try, we'll just get caught up in the spell as well."

"Happy!" Gray bellowed. "Take Lucy and go." What?  They want me to just leave them? Do they think that I'll just get in their way?

Natsu let me go and stepped away just in time for Happy to grab my shirt and take off. "Aye!"

"Wait!" I yelled in protest. Lyon watched us as we flew away. Gray suddenly shot ice at him, Lyon held up his own hand and blocked it with his ice shield.

"Dang it!" Erza cried out in frustration. "I can't move my body."

"Happy, you have to take me back. We can't just leave everyone there!"

"Erza's completely locked in ice magic! If we stay there, we'd be the next to freeze!" Happy shrieked.

"B-b-but," I shakily started. "We can't just  leave everyone like that!"

"If we're killed, who's going to protect the village?" He retaliated.

I'm sure if anyone looked at my eyes at that moment, they'd say they were the size of saucers. Happy was right. "Sorry," I apologized. "you want to help everyone too, but you know your duty."

"I'm sure everyone'd be okay!" He cheered, lifting my spirits up a bit.

                                             GRAY'S POV.

"So you created a diversion so the woman and the cat could leave?" He asked. "No matter." He shrugged his shoulders. "Those two have no chance of stopping Sherry and the others." Lucy is stronger than he thinks. I took a glance around and realized that Dragneel was gone. I think Dragneel went after Lucy. It may be all an act, but he does that act well.

"Don't underestimate Fairytail mages!" Erza commanded. I couldn't help but  chuckle when I saw her. Ice encased her from the bottom of her neck to below her knees, with her arms sticking out of the ice. Sorry, Erza. Don't kill me later. I kicked the ice she was in.

"Gray!" She bellowed as she rolled down the hill covering the ruins.

"You were way too impetuous," Lyon said."Wasn't she your ally?"

"You wrapped her in ice so you could shatter the ice and her as well, right?"

"I see, you sent her to an unreachable place so I couldn't make the final blow. Even you can make a good decision, boy." Anger flared in me. Did he just  call me  boy?

I glowered at him. "Don't call me that! We aren't training together anymore!" I took a step towards him. "Lyon, you are no longer Ur's student!"

Lyon started to take off his helmet. "Neither are you Gray," he stated. "That's simply  because Ur isn't apart of this world anymore."

I snapped at that. "She gave up her life to seal Deliora!" I roared. "You really want to destroy the only thing Ur was able to leave behind?"

"You are confusing your memories," he spoke in a calm tone. "You're the one who murdered Ur, Gray." I trembled in shock. "How dare you shamelessly go on living?" He glared at me with nothing but spite in his eyes. "I'm surprised you even have the nerve to mention her name." With that, he suddenly shot a giant ball of ice to me. Since, it was too fast for me to dodge, I was hit.

I flew back, smashing against the wall the others and I were hiding behind earlier. "Lyon," I mumbled.

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