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Dragneel whips around and gives to me the deadliest glare I've ever received my whole life. I flinch and stumble away from him. Master looks disapproving, Erza is torn and Happy seems afraid. I harden my gaze and stand my ground against Dragneel for once. I meet their eyes with my own hardened ones. "Everyone of you knows it's true," I said.

Erza looks away from all of us and nods. Master still looks disappointed. "What we think is not always the truth," he comments.

I glare at him. "I don't think he will hurt her, I know he will."

"I don't think he will," Happy surprised us with his voice. He was a bit uncomfortable but met my gaze. "I'm scared of him for a different reason, Natsu hasn't ever hurt me. I'm just frightened that one day he will or that he'll abandon me. He shows more affection for Lucy so if he doesn't hurt me, then I know that he won't hurt her."

My eyes widened. He's never hurt Happy? Now that I think about, Happy has always looked healthy and anytime he got hurt, Dragneel would always dump him on Mira.

I heard Dragneel huff in irritation at this. I had to stop myself from taking another step back. "What is it, talk about Dragneel day?" I glowered at him and he returned it. I had to look away. "Stop being stupid and start walking. Talking about feelings is annoying me,"he ordered. Then he started to walk away. No one said anything. I still think his kindness towards her won't last.

     LUCY'S P.O.V

My eyes shoot open and I sit up. I glimpsed around and saw the rest of my guildmates waking up too. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. "What was that?"

"That was Mystogan," Mirajane answered. She gave a little yawn. "He doesn't want anyone to see him so he puts the entire guild to sleep when comes back from a job and wants to take a new one."

"So no one's seen his face?" I curiously inquired,

]"No one besides Master."

"That's not true," I looked up to see a man with spiky blond hair and dark eyes. He was buff and had a lightening shaped scar over his right eye. He donned a purple button up shirt with a collar, black jeans and a black coat with grey fur lining. He had a cocky smirk as he looked down on us from the second floor. He must be a S-class mage. "Dragneel and I have seen him too," he added.

"When did you get back, Laxus?" Mira asked.

I ignored them for a moment when I spotted Natsu. "When did you get here Aki?"

He turned towards me with a raised eyebrow. I just continued to gaze at him waiting for an answer. He rolled his eyes and sighed. "I was here before Mystogan came."

"Did you fall asleep too?" He raised a brow at me. Is he wondering why I asked that?  "You've seen his face right? So what's the point of trying to make you fall asleep?" I asked not quite understanding why he does that.

He gave an irritated sigh. "No, now leave me alone woman."

I frowned. "No to which question?"

He sent me a halfhearted dirty look. "I didn't fall asleep."

I smiled, it was then that I noticed that the guild was silent. I glanced around and found everyone including Laxus staring at me like I'm crazy. My cheeks began to burn from the amount of attention I'm receiving. I started to fidget in my seat. "What?"I asked aloud to no one in particular.

Someone suddenly started to laugh. It was a very condescending one though. I looked up and saw that Laxus was the one laughing. He finally stopped, but gave me a supercilious smirk. What's with his egotistic behavior? He pointed at me. "This little girl is the Tamer of Chaos?" He asked. "She can't even sit still when people are looking at her. How is she supposed to tame anything?"

I glared at him. "I never said that I could tame anything. Somebody said it as a joke and it seems to have stuck."

He returned the glare. "I'd better watch your mouth, little girl. Once I take over Fairytail, you're going to be the first one to get kicked out." My eyes widened. He's going to kick me out of Fairytail?  He then turned to Natsu and smirked triumphantly. "And you must have sunk low to let a weakling like her to control you."

"Lucy's not a weakling," Erza stated calmly.

Laxus whirled to her with a smirk. "Oh really?" Erza narrowed her eyes at him with suspicion. "Let's test out your theory then." Laxus then proceeded to turn into electricity and within seconds was in front of me. Before I even I had a chance to move, Natsu stood in front of me as he held Laxus's fist. Laxus laughed. "She really did tame you, Natsu. How'd you let a weakling like her tame you?"

"Laxus!" Master suddenly yelled. "That's enough!"

Laxus backed away from Natsu and rolled his eyes at him with a smirk. "Whatever," and he left the guild.

Natsu swiveled around and glowered at me. "What'd I do?" I inquired.

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