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I held unto Natsu's cloak as we gazed at Lullaby. Why did it turn into a giant monster? I glanced at everyone else. Erza, Gray and Happy seemed scared whiles Master just raised his brow at it. Natsu, of course, looked unaffected by the whole thing and just watched it.

"What is that?" Kage shouted. He was shaking in fear as he looked up at Lullaby. "I didn't know anything about this!"

I stared at him, a little shocked. Why would you unseal something without knowing what exactly it can do?

"Oh my," I heard a man's voice. I turned to look at him and found a bald, fat man holding a hand over his mouth to hide his smile. I can see that he's a bit scared though. "This is bad."

"It's a demon from the book of Zeref," another man yelled. I turned to the new voice and saw another man wearing a spiked collar. What's with everyone and dressing weirdly?

"I'm starving, so I'm gonna eat your souls," Lullaby announced.

My eyes widened, my hold on Natsu's cloak tightened and I could feel myself trembling. "What's going on?" I asked. "How could a devil come out of a flute?"

"That devil is the Lullaby itself." The guy with the spiked collar explained. "Meaning it's a living magic. Zeref's magic."

"Living magic," Erza said thoughtfully.

"Zeref!" Gray yelled. "You mean Zeref from the ancient times?" He seemed even more scared now. Why is Gray so scared of a creation by Zeref?

As though he read my mind, the bald guy started talking. "Dark mage Zeref, the most atrocious mage in the history of magic." He put a hand over his cheek then smiled. "I never imagined that this adverse legacy from several hundred years ago would reappear." Who is that guy?

"Now whose soul should I enjoy first?" Lullaby asked.

"He doesn't seem to care that there was a conversation going on," I mumbled. Happy burst out laughing, and Natsu chuckled a bit.

"I've decided," Lullaby said.

"He's just as bad as you, Aki. He keeps ignoring people." I said. Happy laughed even louder.

Natsu sighed. "Take the situation serious, woman. There's a devil trying to eat our souls."

"All of yours," Lullaby announced. I knew he wouldn't listen. It started sucking in energy.

I let go of Natsu and covered my ears. Natsu, Gray and Erza started charging at Lullaby. Master looked surprised by their sudden synchronization. Erza re-equipped into her Heaven's Wheel Armor which I got to see earlier at the station.

"Re-equipping armor," another man yelled in astonishment. Is it that rare?

Erza cut down one of Lullaby's legs thus coursing it to cry out in pain. Natsu used his fire to fly and kick Lullaby in the face so hard that the entirety of his body was moved.

"Whoa," one of the guild master yelled.

"Wow," another yelled. "He blew away the devil's body with just a kick!"

"Is he really a mage?" another asked.

I rolled my eyes at the last comment. Of course he's a mage. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be fighting Lullaby.

"How impudent," Lullaby said. Did he really just say he's rude? Lullaby shot balls of magic at Natsu. Natsu used the devil's shoulder to get out of the way. Unfortunately, the magic was now directed at the guild masters, Happy, and I. My eyes widened. There's no way we can get away from that!

Gray was suddenly in front of our group. "Ice make shield!" He casted.

"An ice make mage?" one master asked in shock.

Another master started to run. He yelled out, "He won't make it in time! We'll get hit!"

Gray suddenly thrust his hands out to either side of him. A giant shield made of ice formed almost instantaneously in front of him, and it came just in time too. The magic hit the shield as soon as it was up. Most of the guild masters looked stunned.

"He's fast," one master yelled.

"He's able to control maker magic that fast?" another master yelled. Maker magic?

I saw Master Makarov smile smugly. I decided to ask my questions now before I forgot them. "What's maker magic?" I asked.

Surprisingly, it was Happy that answered me. "It's a type of magic that gives shape to the magic power and that can take that shape away," Happy explained. I was shocked. I've never heard of that before. Come to think of it, I haven't heard of a lot of things dealing with types of magic before.

I turned and saw Gray holding his hands in front of him with his palms out and crossed over each other. "Ice make lance," he said. Natsu flew away as giant lances shot out from Gray's palms and hit Lullaby.

"What destructive power!" I yelled in shock. No wonder Fairy Tail is said to be so destructive. They have so much power that they can't help but be destructive.

"Now," Gray yelled.

I watched as Erza flew up to Lullaby in black armor with wings attached. "Black wing armor," one guild master yelled in shock. "It's a magic armor that increases the attack's destructive power!" What the heck is with these old men yelling out information during a battle. I appreciate it since it explained a few things, but it's still weird.

Gray, Natsu, and Erza attacked Lullaby at the same time. Natsu smashed Lullaby's head with both of his hands as Erza cut across its body, and Gray hit it with even more lances. My eyes widened with amazement. I never would have thought anyone could work so in sync with each other without a plan. Even with a plan it seems almost impossible.

"N-no way," Lullaby said.

I heard all the guild masters gasp again. "Excellent," Master Makarov complimented with a smirk.

Lullaby fell on the building where the meeting had taken place, completely destroying it. I smiled in amazement.

"Zeref's devil was defeated so easily," one master said shakily.

"I," another said hesitantly, "I'm impressed." Master Makarov just laughed in glee.

"Amazing," Kage said in amazement and a bit shakily.

My eyes widened. I completely forgot he was here. I then turned my attention back to the figures that were walking out of the dust from the demolished building. I smiled with pride at Natsu, Erza, and Gray as they walked back to us.

"What do you think?" Master Makarov yelled in joy. "Aren't they great?"

"Terrific!" I yelled with him. "They're the best!" I ran to them and smile brightly. "You guys were amazing," I gushed.

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