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To all mothers out there, Happy mother's day and may your days be long. God bless ya'll.


"What's that up there?" a villager suddenly yelled. He pointed up to the sky. We looked up and saw a giant rat flying in the air.

"It's a flying rat!" a villager yelled.

"What's that? What's the bucket for?" another villager yelled. I growled in irritation.

If we knew what it was or what it was for, we would take care of it right now.

"The sky?" Lucy asked. "That means my trap is useless." I chuckled. It was cute how excited she was. A drop of whatever is in the bucket fell towards Lucy. My eyes widened when I got a smell of it.

It smelled dangerous. It smells weird, and I won't let it touch her if I don't know what it is.

"Jelly?" Lucy asked.

"Lucy!" I yelled. I tackled her to the ground, but out of the way of the jelly. I glared down at her. "If you don't know what something is, don't let it touch you especially when that thing is from the enemy," I scolded.

"Sorry," she said shakily. She turned her head away from me and her cheeks turned a rosy color. I couldn't tell whether it was from embarrassment or shame. Either way it's still cute.

I sighed and pat her head. "I told you to be more careful," I said quietly. We look at where the jelly dropped and see a hole in the ground. My eyes widened. That would have gone straight through her.

The villagers saw it too, and they started to panic. "Is that bucket filled with that stuff?"

"They can't be thinking of dumping it all on us?"

"What ugliness," I heard bushy brows say from on top of the rat. "I never thought that moon drip could turn people so ugly. It's as if they're all demons."

"They're so repulsive. They could be the children of Deliora," Sherry said. I grit my teeth.

"Is that Chaos?"

"Stay away from him. He's Acnologia's child."

"How repulsive."

"He's evil. He has no emotions."

"He doesn't care about anything."

"They're some of my first friends." My eyes widen at the last memory. Lucy didn't judge me, but everyone else did. I glared at the rat. What right do these people have to judge them?

"Angelica, do what you must!" Sherry ordered.

"Everybody, gather in the center of the village," I yelled. I started running to the center of the village. I used flames on my feet to fly towards the jelly.

"I can't!" the headman yelled. "I can't leave the grave of my son!"

"Headman, I know how you feel, but," a villager yelled.

"Chaos dragon's gleaming flame!" I yelled. I made a giant explosion in the center of the jelly, forcing it to spread out.

"He blasted it apart?" bushy brows asked. "And saying chaos dragon," he trailed off. His eyes widen. "Chaos?" he yelled in shock. "They hired Chaos on this job?"

I heard the villagers screaming in fear. "Headman!" one man yelled frantically.

I flew back to Lucy and landed beside her. "I have the headman available for punishment," Virgo said.

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